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Title: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on May 12, 2010, 03:30:16 PM
My new favorite phrase uttered by a random female:

"It made me feel like I wanted to cry."

Wrap your head around that one, amigos. If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college.
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on May 13, 2010, 10:20:09 AM
Brilliant. (

This one, too. (

Bliss. (

Because I don't like them. (

This is the only thing that makes her bearable. (

Same deal here. (

I didn't get a "harumph" outta that guy...
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: bobdog on May 14, 2010, 07:27:20 AM
Nice find -- the guy's very talented, that's for sure. You forgot:

A listenable version of Lady Gaga (

Some people might consider Reggae Kiss ( a dishonor, but it's funny

And the BeeGees version here ( had me rolling

Let alone the Jonas Brothers (
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on May 15, 2010, 01:34:11 PM
All excellent contributions to the continuing disintegration of The Collective. You get another cookie. ;D

On a side note, I try to avoid all things Gaga, but like Bai Ling with a butcher knife, there's something about totally batshit women that enthralls me. :love:

A few from Ten Masked Men, who apparently do this thing for real. Sure beats whatever it is that Miley Cyrus does.

Beat it. (

Eye Of The Tiger. (

Push It. (

Stayin' Alive. (

White Wedding. (

Sledgehammer. (

Easy Lover. (

I Get Around. (

Baby One More Time. (

There's tons more, so enjoy this, your new fascination. :P


Rancid Amputation. (
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on May 15, 2010, 11:38:38 PM
A few I had laying around. A bit of cleanup...need lots and lots of DVD-Rs...








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Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on June 04, 2010, 10:35:36 PM
The Goonies: What The F@#k??

Since I first saw The Goonies in the theater in the summer of 1985 as my grandfather was being kept alive via life support, it's been one of my favorites. But over the years I've begun to question the flick...and when I put it all together, not everything seemed to fit as well as one would like to think. Not just "so this kid just happens to find one huge honkin' deus ex machina to save his neighborhood from evil land developers?" but also other, more questionable things. Try this on:

One-Eyed Willy, the most famous pirate of his time...1632...parks his pirate Oregon...and spends years setting booty booby traps, then kills all of his men...except for someone who *had* to have escaped with the map...I'm with Chunk on this one: "Sure Mikey, I believe you."

Let's break that down:

1632: Maybe. Juuuuuuust maybe. And...

Oregon: ...on the other side of the freaking continent where the actual notorious pirate activity would be taking place. Also, how the hell did he get there? Swing around the tip of South America? That was just a walk in the park, as far as sailors of the time were concerned! Or did he go in the opposite direction (east, for the geography-impared), 'round the Horn, and sail all that way to the east coast of what would one day be the U.S. of A.? Or did he, in fact, find the fabled Northwest Passage to Oregon? Chances are, since he was such a wily one-eyed willy, he had his men disassemble the ship, strap the pieces to their backs, cut across Central America on foot, then reassemble the ship and sail up the east coast to the Pacific Northwest.

Trying to figure it out leaves me all tired and hopeless, so I'll leave it there. If anyone has an explanation, correction, whatever, feel free to rip the above paragraphs apart and throw them in my face.

Irrelevant Side Note: It must be my week. Earlier in the week, I commented during one commercial -- you know, where cutouts of crayon drawings are all over the place as Gene Wilder sings a song from Willy Wonka? -- that the melancholy, bearded guy in the ad looked like the poster child for suicide. I was told that was a "horrible" thing to say by a certain person. Later on, I noticed that same person's sleeping kittens calendar and asked if they were sure that they're just "sleeping"...I mean, they looked dead to me, but what do I know, right? "Did they check for their little pulses?" I asked. Again, I was informed that I was a horrible person who said horrible things. Well, if anyone should know, it's my mother...
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: bobdog on June 05, 2010, 08:30:47 PM
Well, the Chinese coast was rife with piratry ... perhaps he was pirating along there, and got lost across the ocean?? Maybe our resident pirate can tell us....

Although, come to think of it, when's the last time anyone saw Orlop?? Wonder if his cats finally ate his decaying body because his feet went numb and he was unable to call for help?

"You're a HORRIBLE person!! That's a HORRIBLE thing to say!!"
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on June 14, 2010, 04:59:50 AM
"One-Eyed Willy" could be a Chinese pirate name. Four-Fingered Wu, Cut-Their-Balls-Off Wang... (with apologies to James Clavell and Barry Hughart, respectively.)

I know: we'll start calling him "Meow Mix" and then we'll find out that something happened and his cats did indeed eat him and then we'll laugh and laugh and laugh because we're HORRIBLE TERRIBLE AWFUL NOT NICE people.

Oh, sweet Bejeebus...he knows where I live. Ever seen The Fog? (

(The good one, I mean. With Adrienne Barbeau. Not the pointless godawful remake.)
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: GreyMouser on June 14, 2010, 04:04:53 PM
Ever seen The Fog? (

(The good one, I mean. With Adrienne Barbeau. Not the pointless godawful remake.)


Adrienne Barbeau....drool...:-*...:heavym:

Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on June 15, 2010, 02:06:51 AM
I have no problem turning this into the Adrienne Barbeau Appreciation Thread...

( long as Joely gets some mention as well.  ;D

Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on April 20, 2011, 07:25:05 PM
Sure, a little thread necromancy never hurt anyone. Allegedly.

Just thought I'd post this. No poor me, no boo-hooing, no; it's a lesson in...a lesson in something. Most likely: keep my mouth shut at all times and leave the comedy to such luminaries as Carrot Top.


Comedically speaking, it wasn't a good day for me. Picture it: in the back seat, having to listen to the Beatles. Usually I'm down with the Beatles. But this featured what seemed like a dozen Ringo-led country songs, and I believe in the deepest depths of my heart, that I would, if given the chance, beat Ringo to death with Paul, just to stop that godawful sound from spewing out of his mouth. So I groused a bit, I admit. But it was not spiteful or mean-spirited, I maintain.

"Why didn't they fire his ass and hire Mitch Mitchell?" I asked, quite reasonably. "Mitch didn't try to sing every [CENSORED]ing song in the Carl Perkins least, I hope not."


"You know what would've been better?" I asked, "Lennon...McCartney...Harrison ...PALMER!"


Taking a different tack, I changed the lyrics to "If I Fell" slightly...ever so slightly.

If I fell in front of you
With six bullets in me too
Would you help meeeeeeeeeeee--

And that was when I was told to shut up. Okay, fine. A little later, we passed a little trailer proclaiming it to be Hawaiian Mike's Snow Balls (obviously a sno-cone place). "I wonder," I began, "if they've ever had snowballs in Hawaii? Probably the last time the Edgar Winter Group was there, I'll bet... 'Hey, Snowballs! Get off the wahines!'"


This, obviously, was not my audience. I lapsed back into bitter silence for the rest of the trip. It must be that I am the bane of these people's existence, I opined amid the swirling howls and screams in my skull, and I'm just figuring that out. They hate me. And with good reason. I suck. And lo, my self-loathing was confirmed by a dicey Mexican dinner and the necessary handful of various supplementary medications.

Oh, well. There's always Lauren Holly.

Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on June 19, 2011, 08:26:31 PM
It just occured to me that everyone on these forums has to know this:

My neighbor used his kids' names as a basis when he bought cars for them.

Screwy, right? Let's explore this further.

His eldest daughter is named Shelby. So he bought her a Mustang and fixed it up with a Shelby graphics package. Smart, in a way; I can't imagine shelling out $45,000+ for a car that she's just going to wreck while texting her BFF. (Clarification: I assume nothing. She could be an intelligent young woman who doesn't text while driving. I merely make that statement based on crass generalization, which is my right as a misanthropic scumbag. Thank you.)

His son is named Dakota. He bought him a Ford Dakota. That's a truck, by the way.

His youngest daughter is named Lexus. So. She's already wrecked her car, and is now driving a gigantic SUV. Kind of like putting a roll cage on a skateboard. Before I threw more money into the All-Consuming Fire Of Uselessness that is a teenage girl -- if it were me in the grip of this stupidity, that is -- I would legally change her name to "Yugo". Or better yet: "Chuck" (

Note: his wife drives a Fiero. I think it's a Fiero. I don't care enough to check. I can't remember her name half the time, so that's how I refer to her.
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: SlyFoxx on July 01, 2011, 09:22:06 PM
Sly Approves of da boobage here.

Rolls a d12 to determine his next course of action.

Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Lord Mantrid on July 04, 2011, 09:35:04 PM
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on July 06, 2011, 01:48:47 PM


An Evening At Home Flipping Through The Channels, July 4th 2011

Channel 4 [NBC affiliate]: Macy's fireworks extravapaloozaganza, or whatever. Set on a boat next to Liberty Island.

Upside: good fireworks display, once they actually got to it.

Downside: musical guests Brad Paisley (accompanied by his "Why Bother?" goatee),  and Beyonce (who wouldn't know a melody if it walked into the room and beat her to a bloody pulp). Plus all those other horrible songs they play over the fireworks.

What I wished: that Lady Liberty would have toppled over and crushed Beyonce.

Spiteful Laugh Provided By: the sight of maybe four people waving their arms for Beyonce, and the rest of the (most likely kidnapped and abused) audience milling around, not paying attention.

Why I Hate Beyonce: I don't hate her, really...I just think of her as the mediocre standard around whom gathers an entire of nation of bottom-feeding "singers" who think they, in turn, should be singers. My message to them: shut the f**k up and make something useful of yourself. Like compost.

Additionally: The only "song" I unmuted sounded like someone was torturing a Stratocaster with a chainsaw: the band was doing one thing, she was doing something else entirely (not sure what, exactly; it had something to do with that godawful R&B keening that the young women are told is "singing" these days), there were chicks with violins, and I think I saw at least eight major diabolical entities shaking their multi-pronged genitals at the camera...I don't know...I was beginning to hallucinate before I finally turned it over.

Suggestion For Next Year's Show: a medley of '70's rock classics to accompany the fireworks (as opposed to some dipshit diva who can't decide on a key). "The Stroke," ( for example, not to mention some Gary Glitter and Queen, would be great. And some Boston would rock. And Kansas. Definitely Kansas (

ABC and FOX didn't even bother.

Channel 9 [CBS affiliate]: Boston Pops...set in Boston, I guess.

Upside: News9, featuring the only weatherman (Gary England) worth watching, detected that there were two counties in the extreme southern part of the state that might be experiencing a light drizzle, so they slapped that huge-ass weather map over the top right quarter of the screen, complete with a banner encouraging people to riot and murder, as it's their last chance to live it up before that gentle summer shower turns into The End Of Everything As We Know It, We Really Mean It This Time.

Downside: Everything else. The only"musical" guest I noticed was that one country chick with large thighs and shiny pants...her name escapes me...Martina McBrideOfSatan, I think. Michael Chiklis was heavily involved at some point.

What I Wished: Seal Team Six taking out the orchestra.

Moment Of Total Objective Clarity: The camera lingers on a female violinist in the orchestra; I wonder if her entire life's devotion to the musical ideal is in any way affirmed this evening. I decide that if I were in her place, I would use my violin to launch my bow into McBride's chest.

Suggestion For Next Year's Show: All Boston songs. In fact, it should be a law that all radio stations in Boston should play Boston all the time. Same thing with Kansas. And Europe.

Europe's new motto: Europe: All "The Final Countdown" All The Time. Please Jesus Just Kill Us Now.

...flipping channels...

Channel 13 [OETA]: Washington DC. I turned it over when they introduced a former American Idol contestant (that one gargantuan Latina...can't be bothered to remember her name), who would be accompanied by two dancers from Dancing With The Stars. It was purely imagination on my part that the fireworks were provided by a hijacked 747 slamming into the stage at that point.

Upside? Downside? Nothing matters anymore.

What I Wished: a 21-pole dancer salute set to "Sweet Home Alabama."

Suggestion For Next Year's Show: The pole dancer thing. OETA likes to think it represents the civilized people of this nation, but they're fooling themselves. 21 toned asses with a death grip on sparkly blue, red, and white poles? Far more entertaining than a bunch of moldy antiques any day.

...desperately flipping channels...

WGN: set in Chicago, of course.

Fireworks: Don't know. I got tired of the reporter asking random idiots-in-the-street if they were:

1) here to see the fireworks,

2) excited about the fireworks, and

3) worried that Kim Kardashian may never find True Love.

The answers were:

1) Usually something affirmative, with a generous peppering of yeahs. [Duh. Why else would they be milling around outside in the heat on a federal holiday?]

2) You bet your sweet ass.

3) Kim what?

I'd had enough. I watched NCIS season 6 DVDs until my equilibrium returned. Then the anxieties and mild insomnia kicked in, totally wrecking the next day...and speaking of wrecking, some guys hired to clean up heavy debris (from a recent storm) in my neighbor's yard wrecked the community mailbox with a front loader. Geniuses.

And that was the 4th of July. And these are more boobies.




Fireworks Floyd!

"Us..." [large burst]

[echoes] "" [small bursts]

"...and them..." [large burst]

[echoes] "them...them...them..." [small bursts]

And so on. Like Lazer Floyd, but so much more explodey and fun!  :ss-sparkly


You see what I'm...

...screw you guys. It would be COOL.  :ss-meh

Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on July 25, 2011, 02:45:36 PM
I thought of what might have been a fun crossover episode between "NCIS" and "Bones," but giving it more thought, I decided that it would be a one-joke situation, no matter what I did to it. That didn't stop the Scary Movie franchise, but still...think about it:

What If Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs Was In Charge Of The Jeffersonian's Lab For A Day?

Scene: a lot of nervous, frightened geniuses working quietly at their tasks, each one sporting a large, bulky bandage on the back of his or her skull.

...and that's it, really. I admit, the scene where Angela and Bones are babbling about their feelings and their sex lives (ANGELA: You should have more sex! I have it all the time anywhere with anything and I feel great! That is, until my vagina swelled up like an inflatable raft and turned green! BONES: I agree! But I just have to throw in a stilted, over-educated fact about the sex drives of the pre-adolescent females in an obscure aboriginal South American tribe, using my weird voice!) and Angela calls Bones "sweetie" fifteen times, and Gibbs walks in and delivers an impressive double head-smack...that would be awesome. And Hodgins diving under a table and crying whenever Gibbs walked in. That would be great, too.

I have yet to figure out what DiNozzo and McGee would be doing.

Action: Ziva bouncing Bones' skull off the tiles a few times while Gibbs bitch-slaps Booth? That's Emmy material right there.

DISCLAIMER: I have nothing against "Bones" whatsoever; it's one of my favorite shows. But "NCIS" is my favorite show, and I tend to favor Gibbs' approach to people talking about their feelings when they should be solving a mystery. This, in itself, is a perfect example of why these shows should never, ever cross. :ss-ahhhh

Oh, almost forgot. Boobs.


And some more.



Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on August 05, 2011, 08:18:42 PM
The new Conan movie: I don't think it will be as good as the original. Sure, the CGI and SFX will probably kick ass, Think what you will of Schwarzeneggar, the man has presence; when I saw him in his Conan outfit, I thought, "Hey, that's CONAN!" But when I see the new guy, whoever he is, I think "Oh, hey...that's the guy they hired to play Conan. Huh."

I admit to being biased -- Arnold was one of the greatest action heroes in the 1980's, after all (it took a friggin' CGI T-Rex to derail his career!) -- but mostly I'm disgusted with the constant reboots of movies that should be left alone. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a reboot -- which sounds so much more modern and hip than "unnecessary remake" -- of Gone With The Wind starring Kristen Bell (you might remember her from her makeup commercial wherein she demonstrates that not only does she have the chilling, beady little eyes of a remorseless psychopathic murderess, she's also wholly unremarkable in every other way) and Andy...Andy....Andy Whatsisname. Samberg. That's him. I hate that guy. (He's that dipshit from SNL...remember when such people were stoned to death? How I miss those days.) The plot of which will be about SIX AND A HALF HOURS LONG (every ex-SNL cast-infested movie feels about that long), featuring, among other soul-withering scenes, Scarlett gyrating to Rhett's heartfelt song about how he can't help ejaculating in his pants and down his leg** every time he sees her.
[** Which is, I think, an apt description of modern filmmaking in general.]

One memorable scene will feature a special appearance by Miley Cyrus, headlining the CONCERT FOR TARA! event that Scarlett organizes to save Tara, in which the young madame Cyrus will shove a large watermelon into her vagina, shake her hips a few times, and then machine-gun the seeds out of her ass with impressive precision.

If you want to know where I'll be, I'll be the guy handing out straight razors by the theater doors.

EDIT: That's yet another post where I've used the word "vagina." I hope this isn't a trend. Oh and I forgot the boobies. My apologies.


For some reason, I started singing "swing low, sweet chariot..." Coincidence.

...I looked over Susan, what did I see, comin' for to carry me home...
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on April 12, 2012, 06:56:53 PM
Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days.
Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic.

Sound advice, but that would imply that I have something new and/or different to say, while in reality I'm just grumbling in the same way.

Anyway, yes: it was August of last year when I last posted in this thread, and life has indeed gotten so much worse than I like. Not to worry, as life never was that friggin' spectacular to begin with. Now it's just a lot smellier and far less hopeful...

...and speaking of the new Conan movie, it really was as stupid and pointless as I'd figured. On the plus side, the CGI was better, but not good enough to distract me from the fact that at no point did someone turn into a snake. Deplorable.

Let's see...I've been ignoring Game Of Thrones with all my might, as I hate popular trends (my wardrobe is a testament to that fact). For example, I didn't acknowledge Firefly until five years after it was cancelled. (That's one I still kick myself over; maybe if I sent a box of severed puppy heads to Fox, it'd still be on the air...not that I'd be able to see it in the nuthatch, but still.)

But I figure that since Game of Thrones is one season down, I can go ahead and see it without risking my Aloof-Cool cred.**  So I watched the first couple of episodes, and...let's just say that while I found the acting to be quite far as I could tell...I was also bewildered by the lore and stuff.

[** This is something I do with TV shows now: I missed a good chunk of Terra Nova and Falling Skies during their first runthroughs, and I just figured I'd see them when they came out on DVD. I'm having to do that with regular TV shows, as the local network affiliates love pasting weather maps and moving text banners all over the screen to the point where I've forgotten what the characters even look like. If I had to pick them out of a lineup, I'd insist that someone past a big multi-colored digital map over the subjects' heads. "That one is definitely Jim Parsons," I might be caught on record as saying, "and it looks like a bunch of shit-splat towns to the south are going to be ruthlessly sprinkled upon until 9:35pm. Stay with TV-9, we'll keep you hysterical."]

I've never read the books, so I was completely unfamiliar with the material. I was wondering if someone was going to explain any of this crap at some point, but no; it was just taken for granted that anyone watching has already read the books -- and most likely has a tattoo of a dire wolf on their ass -- and knows the background backwards and forwards, and probably has a detailed map of the fantasy world tucked away somewhere. Or tattooed on the other ass cheek.

However, if you have the DVDs you can browse the bonus material, which includes a wealth of information...however, I don't have a TV so as to read gigantic blocks of tiny text; this is why books exist. I wondered if I should be taking notes and committing any of this to memory, as it was irritatingly overwhelming to someone (i.e., me) who gets confused and weepy when the plot twists on C.S.I. get too complicated. ("Holy shit! You mean there were FOUR kids born from that one egg?? F*** me with a beaker!")

But if you prefer to let the lore wash over you and just watch the nudity, that's your choice. I was somewhat surprised at how much nudity was involved, but then I remembered that this is an HBO production, which is engineered to keep EVERYONE interested. ("If You're Not Into Fantasy And/Or Intrigue, Stay For The Doggy-Style Simulations!") While nowhere near a Caligula level, I would not recommend watching this with children present or even your mother. Just a specific scene from the first episode alone, where it's strongly suggested that a dwarf is being carnally gobbled with great avidity by a whore, is enough to convince you that you shouldn't let anyone know you watch this show at all. ("No, no...I only watch it for the gestalt fantasy...whatever...look, just leave me alone!")

Speaking of disturbing, the show features Lena Headey in a prominent role. Prior to this, the only other thing I'd noticed her in was the Sarah Connor Chronicles, whereupon I remarked "Hey...they found someone even MORE unlikeable than Linda Hamilton! INCREDIBLE!" She continues this trend of hateful, being even more unlikeable than her Sarah Connor role, if that's possible. That she's a blonde makes it worse, somehow.

The rest of the show is okay, and I look forward to the second season DVD arriving in that little red envelope. After I see Johnny English Reborn, that is.

Enough from me. I have no boobs for you this time, as I'm running late...I can't miss the reruns, after all.  ::)
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: OrlopRat on April 13, 2012, 07:14:51 AM
 I'm one of those people who read the books, well, the first three anyway, I just started the fourth.  It's big, and if I drop it I may injure the cats. I will be careful.

   I have not dire wolf tattoo though, but I do have a tattoo of Daenerys Targaryen upside down on my left thigh. Please don't think about that too hard... :ss-ahhhh

    The lore kind of sorts itself out as it goes along, I read the first book years ago and my brain being what it is I'd forgotten everything by the time the series came on TV. It's coming back to me. The series is remarkably faithful to the books, which is odd.

    Speaking of which, the "adult" content that will send the kiddies screaming from the room to become deviant serial killers and goat rapists is not so much HBO as it is the books themselves. Which, of course, was just gravy for HBO, who would have put it in if it hadn't been there to begin with (heh heh, I said put it in...heh heh, chortle....)

  And so yes, I guess I'm a fan, as much as I can be a "fan" of anything...


   Yeah, that's a little embarrassing. Oh dear god, I'm a geek....
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on April 15, 2012, 10:14:57 AM
I would say "I'm averse to reading books that can crush a small child if dropped from shoulder height," but I used to read Stephen King, so I can't honestly tout that as a character trait.  :P

Strange, now that I think about it: in school, while my friends were reading Robert Jordan, I was reading Douglas Adams. Hmmm.

Please don't think about that too hard...

What do you me--oh. Ah. I see. Well...I admit to something similar concerning a lovely rendition of Tia Carrere on one thigh and a crude line drawing of Grace Park on the other. However, I will not reveal which lives where. Some things should remain a mystery.

Anyway, I'll have to start reading them, if only to get away from what's readily available to me (for example: I've had it with Clive Cussler  :ss-disbelief).

The good thing about "adult" content is that if the story starts to drag, you can throw in some humping.  :ok:  Although I will say that I am fortunate in that I have never had to take it from a goat by force. They've always been rather accommodating.  ;D

But don't worry...there are far more shameful things than being a fan of high fantasy. None spring to mind right now, but... :biglaugh:   Okay, I'll try:

"On my left upper thigh I have an upside-down tattoo of Garth Brooks. On my right is Tim McGraw. If I squeeze 'em together it looks like they're kissin'. But that hurts my nuts so I don't do that too often."

Translation: country music is a shameful thing that leads to deviant self-abuse.

"On my left, Jon Anderson. On my right, Keith Emerson. If I squeeze--"

Further translation: Prog Rock is a shameful thing that leads to deplorable behavior and loss of income, unless you know where to download it for free.

"Left: Mariah Carey. Right: Miley Cyrus."

Fundamental translation: Music itself is the key to self-destruction, if in fact what those two do can be called "music".

You know, if I squint and turn my head a little, my Grace Park looks a bit like Jimmy Page...

Summary: I'll pick up the first of the books soon.

Random brain-fart: I'm not sure why my ancestors decided to stop HERE. They saw wide open land and thought, "hey, now this is WAY better than what we've seen so far!" Then spring came and giant funnel clouds dropped out of the sky killing everything. I'm not sure what their thinking was at this point -- "I'd pick up stakes and head further west until I hit the ocean, but seein' as how it took forever to get those permits for my sod house, I'd be a fool to throw this all away." -- but as for me I'd keep moving.

Then again, there's really nowhere perfectly safe in the world. If it isn't tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or mudslides, there's also tsunamis, monsoons, and those nasty burning threads that can only be destroyed by dragons.

Reminds me: a few months back we had some trouble with earthquakes, too. While my dumpster shook merrily, no harm was done. I contrast this with the trials suffered by a town near the epicenter, which boasted some nice damage. No one died, as far as I know, but one woman had her ceramic knick-knacks shaken off her mantlepiece, which, as you've no doubt guessed already, made the evening news. Her kitties hit the carpet and I was surprised I didn't see Obama in a chopper overhead, surveying the cataclysm for himself.
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on June 17, 2012, 12:27:59 AM
More Random Thoughts, Courtesy Of Various Circumstances I Do Not Want To Think About.

1. I do believe my neighbor finally cleaned his pool. My window overlooks his back yard, although my desk is at such an angle that I only see it when I come back from one of my many trips to the bathroom.* I have watched it from last summer until a couple of weeks ago, where it went from a beautiful blue to a murky greenish black over the course of the changing seasons. Uncovered, too. And he has dogs...and preteen kids, I believe, although I ignore the children, seeing as how they are far more quiet than his dogs, which I loathe.

In fact, I was hoping that the state of the pool would degenerate to the point where, eventually, a tentacle would snake out of the ooze and snag that goddamn squeaky rat my neighbor calls a pet. A "whoosh!", a strangled "yip!", a splash, the crunching of bones, and an underwater burp. It makes me smile, god help me.

2. I finished the fourth Song of Ice and Fire book, aka the 4th Game of Thrones book, to those who disregard the actual titles of series. (I blame HBO. And God.) The fifth comes out in paperback -- the 9x6 paperback, I mean -- at the end of August, so I have plenty of time to puzzle out just what the hell I've just read. So far, I've concluded:

And so on.

[* I have looked into this strange dilemma, and it seems that perhaps drinking 132 ounces of liquid -- within the space of two hours -- is not ideal for one desirous of a languid evening watching Frasier reruns. No doubt a doctor would smile benevolently upon me if it was, in fact, WATER I was drinking; however, I suspect that the doctor in question would have many unkind statements about my habits, my looks, and perhaps even my ancestry, were he or she to learn that the drinks were: a cherry Sprite Route 44 slush (from Sonic), the cup having been refilled twice with Sprite (from my own stash). Then again, if I'm going to be jumping up every hour on the hour to pee, I'm sure as hell going to enjoy whatever I'm drining. I unreservedly hate water, bottled or from the tap. So there.]
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on December 01, 2013, 09:23:01 PM
A year and a half between posts in this thread. Why not.

I was thinking of starting a jazz-oriented strip club. I'd call it "Filthy's Trumpet." One of the requirements would be that dancers would have to be able to dance in 7/8 time.

Far less clever but far more complicated is the second strip club I'd open, called "Ma-HO-vishnu's OrcheSEXtra," which would feature a loud, yet hopefully competent fusion band with strippers dancing effortlessly through 7/4 and 13/8 changes...

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm tired of seeing police procedural shows featuring scenes in strip joints wherein the dancers shake their saline bags to boring old 4/4 songs. Can you bounce in odd time? And now for a terrible and somewhat obscure jazz-fusion drummer-slash-stripper reference: Narada Michelle Wild-On.

Sucks, but that's life.
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Starfox on December 02, 2013, 06:06:10 AM
What? No more boobs?  :funup:

On a completely unrelated (but true) note, I've discovered that my computer is possessed. The other day I was replaying a part of Dragon Age Origin (it's been ages). Remember the little bit in the Denerim alienage with the templar Ser Otto? So there he goes and what I get is (true story):

"I'm happy to make your acquaint... (devil voice)... and now we'll see if your maker can protect you!"

Yep, that's Ser Otto mixed up with the demon you chase with him later in the same quest. Hilarious. I've totally no idea of why this happened or how (I suspected for a while Silver hacking my computer to mess with the sound files but.... nah).

It happened a couple of time in the past but nothing particularly amusing resulted from this "bug" before. However since it only occurs in DA:O I should say that my copy of DA:O is possessed rather than my whole computer.

Unrelated: you know that you've been playing too much old school RPG when you try to rest after a battle in DA:O  :hammerhead:

Oh and, sorry I don't have any boobs picture at hand (well sure there's a gazillion on the web but most of them are not for display on our site  :lol: )

And now I'm off to find some holy water.. One never knows.
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: SlyFoxx on December 03, 2013, 07:00:25 PM
I was going to approve of the boobies but I see that I already did so two years ago! ;D
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on December 05, 2013, 10:12:08 PM
Encourage away! Boobies need constant encouragement, otherwise you get idiots trying to cast the new Wonder Woman with a model whose shape is reminiscent of a 2x6 plank...

...oh, son of a bitch (  :ss-disbelief

I admit, I strayed from the path. I forgot to post boobs. But I'll try to make amends with a classic:


And by "classic" I mean "rapidly-aging asshat"...but I will say that the pose is rather neat. :ok:  Still, I'll try to do better. No, I WILL do better. Right now.











Okay, now that's just ridiculous. But I love her anyway.

To summarize:


DAO: That sounds like a fun bug, at least. :ss-ahhhh  Still, you know they'll never fix it.

"I don't see anywhere in the patch notes that they've exorcised the demons of the last build. I'm just tired of my walls bleeding everytime I launch the game."
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: bobdog on December 06, 2013, 06:10:13 AM
I like how you used the gradation method, like they do for eggs: medium, large, extra large, extra extra large -- all the way to "HOLY GAZUNGAS!!!" large. Nice spacial arrangement, sir!

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Post by: Lord Mantrid on December 06, 2013, 10:40:14 AM
I heard there were boobs.
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: OrlopRat on December 07, 2013, 07:59:03 AM
Me too. There's nothing like the mention of boobs to get some of us to crawl out of the woodwork. (

I'm definitely spending too much time on Facebook. I just spent a few valuable seconds looking for the "Like" button. I really need to reset my interweb priorities... oh wait, there it is...(

Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on December 08, 2013, 09:28:11 PM
Nice spacial arrangement, sir!

Why, thank you. :purplelaugh:

I heard there were boobs.

You heard right, sir!

I should really add that button to the smileys list.  :ok:

How did the human race show appreciation for things before Facebook and the Like button? I think it had something to do with rampant physical assaults and restraining orders, but I'm not sure. I have the short-term memory of a goldfish!

Another taste. Not too much, but enough. Pffffft. It's NEVER enough!







[Possible caption: "Do you wonder why your friends get more attention than you?"]
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on December 15, 2013, 09:14:21 PM
A few things.

1. I have a hard time justifying the purchase of Christmas movies.

I could explain that further, but I think the statement stands on its own.

2. I *objectively* -- that is, no taste-test ulterior motive -- tried Pepsi (caffeine-free, natch) for the first time in perhaps 25 years. Pretty good. Although to be honest, it tasted like a cross between Coke and Dr. Pepper. The after-taste is a little odd, but I'm probably imagining it. Hey...were these azaleas always so friendly? Hope i'm nott .. drufffjjeddffgge

3. Saw what was apparently an off-duty stripper in a ornament-buying frenzy at Wal-Mart. Okay, honestly...I'm not *sure* she was a stripper. She could've been a bikini bartender or a "massage therapist," or even a sixth grade teacher, for all I know. And here I'll admit that my preconceptions could be construed as sexist. But you tell me:  Filipina, in incredible shape, obvious implants (grapefruit-sized), face piercings, tattoos. So, yeah: she could be a church secretary and the nicest person in the entire world. But my bet is an "entertainer" of some kind. No reason she couldn't do all of those things, really.

To be fair to her, if I were to turn that judgemental eye upon myself (something even Dr. Lecter couldn't do), I come across as a diffident, needlessly apologetic, clinically-depressed slob who looks as if he needs to pee.

4. Word of the day!


\ mis-oh-NEE-iz-uhm, mahy-soh- \, noun;

Hatred or dislike of what is new or represents change.

5. Boobs. Sofia is our guest tonight.



My favorite, obviously:

Whoever came up with this outfit should have his or her head examined.

Finally, something from her other, yet equally alluring, side. A bit of a dress malfunction.

6. I've been playing the Shadow Warrior reboot. A review is in the works.
Title: Re: And So On
Post by: Silver Sorrow on October 02, 2014, 11:10:51 PM
Fast forward to October 2nd, 2014. Obviously, there was no Shadow Warrior review. It's still a possibility, however. Those of you who have been holding your breath since last apologies and condolences.

At the moment...okay, let's get the boobs out of the way. I dislike being dismissive about them, but I'm due somewhere else in a few minutes and I don't have time to sort through the hundreds of gigabytes worth of boobies I have waiting. So here's a classic:


In the meantime, I've been restoring my drums. $20 here, $250's all coming together nicely.  ::)   The kit is over 20 years old and considering it had me as its owner, I have NO idea how it isn't just a pile of splinters with rusty hardware sticking out of it by now. My hi-hat stand, for example, is completely unsalvageable, being held together with random bolts and hose clamps. [Here's a tip: instead of paying $20 for a DW memory lock, just go to the hardware store -- or Wal-Mart -- and buy a pack of hose clamps.] So until I can get one, this is pretty much what I have to work with:


Alas. First World problems, I suppose. And note my kick...thanks to Evans, I can show off my dippy dragon fascination. :lol: