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Title: The Dark Inside Me: Chapter 1 – June 2018 [Score: 6.6]
Post by: bobdog on February 17, 2020, 01:22:37 PM
I’ve played plenty of mature games, but The Dark Inside Me: Chapter 1 ( seems to be going for the “disturbed just to be disturbed” route. Supposedly coming from a horror movie director, the game truly glorifies violence against women, with lots of full frontal nudity on display, and several rape scenes. Your character also has the opportunity to personally kill women, or to spare them if you so choose.

The Dark Inside Me is a 2.5D adventure game, with lots of pixel-hunting, and back-and-forth between scenes to find objects, or to grab objects once they are needed – all of which I hate as a game player. If I am to possibly need an object later on, let me pick it up the first time I encounter it! The graphics are decent, with some good character models and level design, but they certainly aren’t cutting-edge.

The story is relatively interesting but doesn’t make much sense. The opening cut-scene looks like a Hellraiser rip-off, and then we wake up to your character bandaged in a hospital bed. Once you escape the hospital, you then have a flashback to a character in the Auschwitz concentration camp, which is extremely disturbing with lots of frozen naked bodies all over the place. Although this is probably an honest depiction of the horrors that took place, it seems to still glorify female nudity rather than put the emphasis on the horror element. After the flashback, you somehow zap back to the modern day, and then encounter ghastly creatures in an apartment complex, again emphasizing their nudity.

The main character has a horrible rasp-whisper that he uses to explain things, which was extremely annoying. Supposedly this has an additional 4 or 5 chapters left, but Chapter 1 left me with such a sour taste that I don’t feel the urge to continue the series. 6.6 out of 10