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Title: So... that time again.
Post by: Starfox on January 02, 2021, 04:21:53 PM
Here's a new year. What it will bring, I don't know. Better things than 2020? It's true that 2020 set the bar kinda low for an astounding number of people across the world so 2021 won't have a big effort to make to beat it. Although as the pessimist always say "that could be worse" but let's not dwell on that.

So from The Foxhole, a happy new year, and most of all, wishes of good health.

Title: Re: So... that time again.
Post by: Silver Sorrow on January 02, 2021, 10:33:24 PM
If 2021 turns out to be boring? Win. However, it doesn't look to be going that way so far ("oh, look...a UFO over Oahu. Yawn."), but let's not jinx it...

...see, I prefer to be positive, and I'm positive that we're all gonna DIE it's all going to be okay right up until the point where the alien spiders suck our brains out through our assholes and we should really look on the bright side whereupon the sun will go supernova because we only have one chance to exact bloody revenge upon those who have wronged us before they drop dead without realizing the scope of our all-consuming hatred do things right and make life a little easier for those who deserve no less than a brutal death around us. I'd also like to duct tape everyone's goddamn head shut buy the world a Coke and retreat to a tropical island far, far away from everyone keep it company.

With that said, I just know in a lab somewhere (probably China...why not?) some fool is trying to cross murder hornets with locusts. I just KNOW.

Happy thoughts...happy thoughts...
Title: Re: So... that time again.
Post by: Doc_Brown on January 03, 2021, 08:48:49 PM
I am, believe it or not, still around.  It's not the pandemic that's got me down, it's my job, which has gone downhill considerably from what it once was.  I'm planning on leaving it within a year's time, though, and taking a career break, at which point I'll assuredly be around more than I have been.
Title: Re: So... that time again.
Post by: Starfox on January 04, 2021, 10:19:39 AM
Hey Doc. Happy to see you're still around. I was starting to think that the corona got you. unfortunately a lot of jobs have gone downhill since the beginning of this thing. Only jobs that really benefited is anything to do with medical; paramedical and sanitation.

Anyway, looking forward to hear more from you.

Happy thoughts...happy thoughts...

You know, when you'll finally snap, grab an assault rifle and go spread lead everywhere around you... journalists will come and ask us "You didn't notice anything wrong with this guy before the terrible event?"

And we all be like "Mr Silver? Nope not a thing. He was always a nice charming if quiet man. Always burning butterflies wings and torturing small animals all by his lonesome"

And then we'll turn around and go "Burn the fucking papers! Delete all the posts! Right now!"

Title: Re: So... that time again.
Post by: Silver Sorrow on January 14, 2021, 10:44:31 PM
I'm sure that's for the best. The world should never know that I think boobs are awesome. The shame!  :ss-sad1

But...with that in mind, I've decided to help things along and have already begun erasing all traces of my existence. Okay, so far I've only just cleaned out a closet and shredded some junk mail (and I still need to clean that one bathroom...note to self: buy more Pine-Sol). But the utter erasure of the monstrosity that I am proceeds more or less apace.

Thinking about it, I wonder if I can add instructions in my Will that someone should just burn down my house when I'm gone? Enh, that's probably illegal or something. And they'll likely ignore my demands and sell all my stuff on ebay...not that I have anything worth selling right now, God knows, but in terms of morbid souvenirs afterwards? Motherlode.

"This is the very tube of toothpaste he used on the morning before The Tragedy. Note the minty smell..."