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Title: Weird things... huh?
Post by: Starfox on July 04, 2007, 02:13:02 AM
So I fired up Morrowind one more time. It's been ages since I didn't played that but I got somewhat tired of Oblivion. And I apparently forgot that I had a little esp enabled somewhere. So there I am crawling through the dark caves of Illunibi when I bump into a weird woman called Su-Van... What intrigued me at first is that she talked to me a weird language that I soon identified as English because I'm good. That was weird considering that my copy is French. I took a few seconds before realizing what mess I got into.

So nipple clamps, eh? Silver... Silver... tss tss  :purplelaugh:
Title: Re: Weird things... huh?
Post by: Silver Sorrow on July 04, 2007, 03:02:49 AM

English is the universal language of pain. Su-van speaks it fluently.  :onethumb:

Title: Re: Weird things... huh?
Post by: Starfox on July 06, 2007, 03:40:51 PM
Scribo... NNAISE  :lol:

You know, I realize that the plugin I've been testing when you developed the thing wasn't the final one; the characters weren't in there. Then when I installed the final version something happened (Oblivion maybe... whatever), and I didn't get to play it... until now that I've redone the whole Dagoth Ur quest. Good stuff; hilarious. I didn't even kill any of the characters because somewhere I want to keep the possibility to go back and chat again  :onethumb: And I still have all the collected journals to read. I will when I get bored with Almalexia (which should be soon). Loved Uduritannix  ;D

Well I still have the barrels and rats reference problems that I had when I tested the development version but hey, that's what happen when you put an English language plugin in a non-English language version of Morrowind.
Title: Re: Weird things... huh?
Post by: Silver Sorrow on July 08, 2007, 02:43:53 AM
That still cracks me up, for some reason. It's like saying "pickle! pickle! pickle!" really fast...or "weasel chuckle pickle pants!" Hmmm... I liken it to Joel Hodgson's experiments with floating objects: is a certain object funnier if it's floating? With that in mind (or just forget about it entirely), some words need combinations to be funny, while others stand alone. "Weasel" and "pickle," need no accompaniment. "Chuckle," too. "Pants" is only mildly funny, and then usually in context with something larger, preferably in a visual context (" I shook hands with the admiral, and that's when my pants fell down."). But when you combine it with a very unfunny word, such as "death," it becomes something else entirely. For example: " I vanquished him with my Pants Of Death!" Then again, that's only marginally funny...hmmm...back to the lab, Igor!

Never mind me. It's late. Or early. Either one.

Still, some guy with a condiment obsession...feeling the need to shout it down from the can't go very wrong with that.  :onethumb:

Well, thanks for reminding me of all that stuff. I'd completely forgot about most of it -- big surprise there, can't remember my middle name some days -- but once in a while I'll remember something odd. IIRC, I think there's a hidden journal somewhere...oh, right: in Winterseed's inventory. I don't know if it's possible to get it through pickpocketing him...

But, if you don't want to go through the trouble of getting it, here's the text:

Winterseed's Pocket Journal

[Strangely, the last entry of this journal appears to have been written *while* its owner was fighting you to (his) death. And afterwards. You wonder about your sanity sometimes.]'s funny. It's like I can stop time in its tracks merely by browsing through my inventory. I think I may be on to something big here. Hold on, diary...

...hey! What's this idiot doing here?? Damn foreigners!

Let me look through my stuff...crud. Nothing but me, my armor and sword. I should've stocked up on offensive scrolls...learned a few spells...that sort of thing. Damn. No health potions! Aw, crapola! Well, nothing for it, then. Unto the breach, gentlemen! DIE, N'WAH!


That really hurt! What's come over these outlanders?!? Immigrants and fetchers! They barge into our country, thinking they can do as they start some mini-Cyrodiil or spread some fu...uh...well, thankfully, Lord Dagoth Ur has seen to forestall their diseases with one of his own. But I digress. More in a moment, faithful diary, while I strip this fool of his skin. Or her skin. I mean, really: it's hard to tell these outlanders apart. They all look alike...

OUCH! Oh yeah? OH YEAH?? Well...take THAT! And THIS! And some of THAT! Hahahahaha!

Oh, son of a...well, I guess I'm dead. I can feel my lifeforce draining as I scribble. It's been fun, diary. Goodbye, my sweet, understanding, papery friend. I wish...oh, forget it. Mom will be so disappointed...I wonder if there will be Scribo...NNAISE!! on the other side?? I...


It's funny, but I can see myself from above...I'm floating...I feel...warm...I understand it all now...I can see THAT BASTARD OUTLANDER LOOTING MY STILL-WARM CORPSE!... you... you... you PLUNDERER! Get away from my body! I can see you going through my pockets! Stop that! I...I...I--wait...

...I see a white light at the end of a long tunnel...and a figure is there...tapping his foot impatiently...oh, all right. Fine. Keep my stuff, you stinking thief. I'll get my revenge, see if I don't!

[The text ends.]

Now that I think about it, I did give those guys some fairly powerful weapons, didn't I?  :P  Visi's nodachi, for example. I figured that a low-level character who is brave enough to face all the dangers of Red Mountain *and* Dagoth Ur's lair...well, they deserve something special. And if they're playing with the hostile merc plugin, that something special is a funeral. I prefer having them around, myself.

Ah, yes...Urdu: "Where did I get my name? I don't know. My mom was real smart and read books. She used to say that my name 'was an asterisk to culture,' whatever that meant." And people wonder why I used Tara Reid's face for her...  ;D

Anyway, sorry I couldn't fix that reference problem. Some things are beyond even me.  :lol: