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Osu! Free Rhythm Game
« on: September 12, 2008, 08:42:42 PM »
I always like to bring our dear Foxhole's denizens attention to new and different types of gaming experiences every once in awhile. (And inflate my post count)  :lol:

Behold, Osu!

Osu's gaming roots are...somewhat unusual.  Based off of a Nintendo DS Game from Japan named "Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan", (Hey! Fight! Cheer Squad!) Osu is a rhythm-based where you where you use your mouse to click on beats as they come along in whatever song you happen to be playing.  The whole purpose is to keep up with the beats and keep the 'misses' to a minimum and stay as true to the beat patterns as possible.  It's actually quite intense, especially if you're playing a fast-paced song.  It also includes a form of multiplayer and has an online score board to compare your scores with other players in the Osu! community.  It's always refreshing to see home-brew games reach these type of highs as a community.

It should be noted that a spiritual successor was actually released by the same designers here in the US under the moniker "Elite Beat Agents" and included cover versions of fairly popular American songs like "YMCA", "Material Girl", "ABC", and more.  It made for a very fun, and bizarre game experience as it seemed to revel in its own campy nature.  I should note that it was quite difficult, especially for a guy like me with no rhythm.  ;)

Anyway, I know that most of us here aren't likely to buy a DS to import a bizarrely Japanese game, but this doesn't excuse you from trying out this free version for your PC.  Many people have created their own 'beatmaps' for many other popular songs and uploaded them to the website.  Many which you'll likely recognize and with easy, normal, and insane versions of most of them, for the most masochistic of us.

It is possible to create one for your own mp3s as well with the in-game editor, and even utilize video to play in the background while you play (the original had semi-animated stories playing in the background as you played, which were changed for the better or for worse depending on how well you were doing.)

All you need to do is download the main exe package and then a beatmap (with included mp3).

Give it a try! It's surprisingly addictive, though admittedly a bit harder to use a mouse than the DS stylus of the original games.

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