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Free Game Giveaway Forum
« on: September 21, 2008, 06:22:15 AM »

I hate pimping my site/forum on somebody else's site but I'm pretty sure Starfox won't mind.

I've created a new sub-forum for players to offer free games and guest passes from Steam.  There seems to be plenty of people with extra copies of HL2 and Ep1, along with Guest Passes for games like TF2.  This forum is a palce to offer and get the games.

I recently posted an offer for a free Steam account which contains the following games:

Team Fortress Classic
Day OF Defeat
Deathmatch Classic
Opposing Force
Blue Shift
Counter-Strike Steamworks Beta

I was really surprised at how few people asked for it.  I know it's old but there must be plenty of player who have't played HL1.

Anyway, in the rules of the forum I suggested that all readers who want to swap/trade games should visit this forum and linked to the appropriate sub-forum.

So, in closing.  If you have spare copies of games or guest passes and don't know anybody to give them too, what not offer them on the new forum: