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Tamriel Rebuilt-Map 2!
« on: December 18, 2008, 11:35:19 AM »
  I'm being sucked (in a good, decent, non sloppy way) back into Morrowind, big time. Which is natural, since MW is the greatest game ever created.

  (The above statement reflects the personal opinion of Mr. OrlopRat, and does not in any way represent the opinions or considerations of The Foxhole website, the Foxhole Forums, or those of its owner and subsidiary holdings. But it is correct.)

   There are some new things here that are quite exciting. And a couple of them have to do with Morrowind. The others are rather personal, easily misunderstood, and cannot be discussed. :lol:

   Tamriel Rebuilt Map 2 - Antediluvian Secrets has been released. This download comes bundled with Map 1, which is important, since there have been significant changes made in the first map. If you're using the old Map 1 get rid of it, consign it to the fires of hell, because it don't play nice with map 2. Everything you'll need is in the Map 2 package.

  Map 1 has about 100 quests, some of them quite involved. I'm finding stuff to do everywhere I wander. Map 2 is unquested for now, but there's still plenty to do, places to see, creatures and people to kill. Tons o' fun, aye.

 Forum thread is HERE , with lots of pretty pictures and such.

    And there's a useful little add-on, the Tamriel Rebuilt Census and Excise Travel Links , which provides a lore friendly and sensible way to get there without swimming.

   A related, and very important thing is the Morrowind Code Patch . The amount of annoying things this fixes is mind boggling. Read the description at the Nexus and you'll see what I mean. How does this relate to TR, you may ask? Go ahead and ask, it's alright with me.

  It allows for a full world map of Tamriel Rebuilt. Plus a ton of other things. Get it now.

  (Note: This will not work with a cracked .exe file. It just won't. So I got rid of mine and went back to using the CD. A slight inconvenience, but well worth it.)

  So there it is. Do what you will. I have to go now. I'm very busy.  :hammerhead:
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