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It's not Thief, but ...
« on: February 04, 2009, 03:19:38 PM »
... it certainly has some strong sneaking elements to it. I'm talking about Manhunt, which I've just found and started playing.

The game essentially is a third-person sneaker, but it has horror/gore elements as a strong basis for the actions-- say if you crossed Thief with the horror film Saw. You've just been sprung from prison by some psychotic freak who gets his kicks off by watching snuff films, and you're his new star. You must make your way through a diversity of trashed out locales in the WORST part of town -- park, zoo, prison, warehouse, docks, streets, etc -- all of which are run by various gangs of demented thugs. To escape each area, you must sneak past gang-bangers, or find objects to open areas, or simply execute the thugs. You are aided by your ability to hide in shadows, and to strike from behind.

And this is where Manhunt strongly veers from Thief territory. Whereas in Thief you generally knock opponents out from behind with your trusty blackjack, Manhunt takes a more gory approach so that you jab shards of glass into their brains, whack their heads off with a machete, bash their brains in with a bat, smother them in a plastic bag -- all with varying levels of intensity. It's a visceral stew of depravity, and it is not for everyone.

So I like it!  :hammerhead: