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« on: July 07, 2009, 03:28:51 PM »
This week's issue of Escapist Magazine, Declaration of Independence, shines the spotlight issues relating to the independent games industry. All of the articles are interesting, but of special note is Anthony Burch's "Infinite Caves, Infinite Stories". The piece is essentially a lengthy review for the free game Spelunky, created by Derek Yu (known for his work on the award-winning indie game Aquaria).

Spelunky is a side-scrolling platformer in a character reminiscinent of NES-age sprites goes into caves searching for treasure. At first glance, the game seems quite straightforward. But what has developers so excited is that the design that seamlessly merges randomly generated levels with exploration/sandbox gameplay that few other games can match. There are usually multiple ways through each of the 15 levels, such as finding an alternate path, placing ropes to climb to difficult-to-reach areas, or even using bombs to blast through thin walls or floors. The environments change the deeper you go, after a certain point the cave starts looking a lot more like a forest and the enemies graduate from snakes and spiders to venus fly-traps and large insects. Along the way you'll also find larger treasures that set off traps, damsels in distress that require assistance reaching the exit, shopkeepers that can sell you items, and several other fun little features that really flesh out the experience, all randomly generated along with the maps. Games tend to be short, (the maps aren't very long, so you either make it or you die), and there are no lives or save points, which guarantees that even if you die each gameplay experience will be unique and fresh. It may not look like much, but a lot of gamers and designers alike a quote in the article suggesting that this kind of gameplay experience is exactly what the mainstream single-player industry needs.

All this and the game is still in beta and doesn't even have a website! But it is very fun. Download the latest version here.

Read the article here.
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