Author Topic: Half-Life 1: Opposing Force - Intorelable Threat  (Read 5915 times)

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Half-Life 1: Opposing Force - Intorelable Threat
« on: July 18, 2009, 03:33:34 PM »
Hi Guys.

Anybody can to make a patch for this released works fine in Steam version?

link to download:;1372913;/fileinfo.html

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Re: Half-Life 1: Opposing Force - Intorelable Threat
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2009, 03:31:50 AM »
First thing: welcome to our forums

Intolerable Threat... Wow that's calling back memories  :lol:

Properly speaking, IT doesn't require a patch; it works fine with the version of HL Steam proposes. However it requires some tricks to make it work because IT was an Opposing Force mod and Opposing Force was already considered as a mod back then (which is no longer the case within Steam).

Things you'll need to get it running:

1) a copy of GCF Scape (freeware) to extract files from the Steam GCF archives
2) a copy of Steam Half-Life 1 installed (not the Source one; it won't work with Source)
3) a copy of Steam Opposing force installed.

Getting Intolerable Threat running:

A) Run intolerablethreat.exe and indicate as a path for installation the location where Half-Life 1 is installed; by deault it would be

C:\Steam\Steamapps\your-steam-username\Half-Life (change the path to reflect you own install)

B) Once the installation complete there is an error because the file that runs at the end of the setup process wants to copy Opposing Force files into the IT folder and cannot find any. The way Steam works, this is normal. If you right-click the file copy.bat located in the "Half-Life\it" folder and chose "Modify" you'll be able to see the files that the setup failed to locate. You need to retrieve those files manually (an it's the reason for GCF Scape).

Important note: during the following procedure, make sure that Steam is not running or you'll get errors trying to open some files so close Steam first if it is running.

C) Run GCF Scape and open the file half-life.gcf that is located within the steamapps folder. GCF Scape will present you with an Explorer like windows with folders in the left pane and files in the right pane. In the left pane click on the "valve" folder. From the right pane, drag and drop the following files to the folder where Intolerable Threat is installed:


D) With GCF Scape, open the file opposingforce.gcf. Click in the left pane on the "Gearbox" folder. From the right pane there's a lot of stuff you'll need to drag and drop to the IT folder:

1 file:


And all these folders (to copy folders drag and drop them as if they were files):


E) OK, we're almost there. Now  we just need to copy 2 last files. Close GCF Scape (you don't need it anymore). in Windows Explorer browse to the Opposing Force folder (located in steamapps\your-steam-username\). Browse to "Opposing force\Gearbox\cl_dlls" and copy the file client.dll you can find there to the "cl_dlls" folder of the Intolerable Threat installation. Final step copy the file config.cfg from the "Opposing Force\Gearbox" folder to the IT folder.

Now  you're good to go. Start Steam and Intolerable Threat should appear in the installed games list. Double click to run it. There should be no error.

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Re: Half-Life 1: Opposing Force - Intorelable Threat
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2013, 02:14:39 AM »
Sorry to bring up an old topic but I thought you might like to know I tried the instructions but couldn't get it working.

Finally Unq created a Steam Half-Life version which works perfectly with the new Half-Life format.

Full details here:

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Re: Half-Life 1: Opposing Force - Intorelable Threat
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2013, 09:31:40 PM »
good to see that we are still alive