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Re: And So On
« Reply #30 on: October 02, 2014, 11:10:51 PM »
Fast forward to October 2nd, 2014. Obviously, there was no Shadow Warrior review. It's still a possibility, however. Those of you who have been holding your breath since last apologies and condolences.

At the moment...okay, let's get the boobs out of the way. I dislike being dismissive about them, but I'm due somewhere else in a few minutes and I don't have time to sort through the hundreds of gigabytes worth of boobies I have waiting. So here's a classic:

In the meantime, I've been restoring my drums. $20 here, $250's all coming together nicely.  ::)   The kit is over 20 years old and considering it had me as its owner, I have NO idea how it isn't just a pile of splinters with rusty hardware sticking out of it by now. My hi-hat stand, for example, is completely unsalvageable, being held together with random bolts and hose clamps. [Here's a tip: instead of paying $20 for a DW memory lock, just go to the hardware store -- or Wal-Mart -- and buy a pack of hose clamps.] So until I can get one, this is pretty much what I have to work with:

Alas. First World problems, I suppose. And note my kick...thanks to Evans, I can show off my dippy dragon fascination. :lol:
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