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Alien Breed Trilogy on Steam
« on: March 30, 2011, 06:42:31 PM »
Once upon a time, long before Doom cemented FPS's as the dominant form for shooters, there were a multitude of 2D Platform Shooters and Top-Down Shooters. One of the popular franchises during this time was Team 17's Alien Breed series, a shooter of the top-down variety which took more than a few inspirational liberities from James Cameron's Aliens. Most of the series was exclusive to Amiga computers, which I never had, so I never followed the games at the time. After putting out no less than five games, most of which received positive reviews, the series went dormat in 1996 due to part to the increasing limitations of Amiga's hardware. The gameplay style was copied by other designers in titles like Alien Swarm and Alien Shooter.

Sometime between 1996 and 2010, Team 17 got all nostalgic and designed a new Alien Breed game that used the same top-down style with the advanced capabilities of the Unreal 3 Engine. As a twist, they decided to release the game episodically, giving players a $10 dollar taste of the series instead of spending a larger amount on the complete product. Each game comes with single-player and co-op campaigns as well as unlockable bonus modes when you've finished the stories for each. Reviews for the games have been average, but it's worth noting that the worst thing critics have to say is that the gameplay hasn't evolved since AB's 1996 roots. I take that to mean that if you love those old-school shooters, you'll probably love this.

The new "Alien Breed Trilogy" has been out for a little while, but Steam just bundled the set into a package deal that gives you 25% off the full price of the three games, and added a 10% new release discount till April 4th for good measure.

If anybody picks it up let me know: I wouldn't mind trying out those co-op campaigns one of these days!