Author Topic: New Dragon Age 2 DLC. Yay.  (Read 2509 times)

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New Dragon Age 2 DLC. Yay.
« on: April 29, 2011, 11:52:29 AM »
This was announced a couple days ago; I forgot about it immediately after I looked into it. Anyone who has played the game will probably do the same.

Anyway, the Dragon Age II - Item Pack #1 -- addon page here -- features three packs you can buy individually or all together (I guess you can buy two and leave one...if that's your thing); Mage, Warrior, and Rogue. New weapons and armor for each, etc. etc. blah blah blah. Personally, I prefer the PS3 method for determining price: actual dollars. None of this buying points THEN buying the content crap.

In short: $5 for the full deal, or $3 each.

If I may quote a few select responses from the first page of the announcement thread which, admittedly, I only quote to prove an angry point...

lazuli: "The Warrior Armor looks fun, but I don't buy DLC for games that I don't enjoy."

xi ShadowWolf x: "Can we get some, 'Finnish the game' DLC please?"

Delerius_Jedi: "Really? We complain of the main game only containing items sharing the same look and you respond by charging us extra for this? Bad taste."

Yrkoon: "So... $5 bucks for some more items? Really? I begin to understand why you guys refused to release a tool-set update.    lol."

...and adneate, who said:

"And people say DA2 isn't a Mass Effect 2 rip off with swords. When do we get the alternate appearance pack? I know I can't wait to pay top dollar for the absolute bare minimum of effort. Which of course you can only get away with once you throw the modding community out in the cold so you don't have to actually produce content worthy of purchase."

The rest of the topic is apparently amusing as well ("I like it! I love Bioware unconditionally!" or "I hate it! You bastards ripped us off!"), but I'm too bitter to care. And then there's the idiot who picture-spams various threads...things are not too fun over there at the moment.
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Re: New Dragon Age 2 DLC. Yay.
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2011, 05:45:25 PM »
Yeah, I saw that thread two days ago and I forgot about it immediately as well... Considering the game, it's not worth putting any more money in it, story DLC or not. Better to save it for The WItcher 2 in couple of weeks.

So I guess I would go with Lazuli on this one "I don't buy DLC for games I don't enjoy". Especially considering the note I gave to Dragon Age 2 in the upcoming review...

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