Author Topic: Uh Oh: The Japanese Earthquake Could Doom Garrett's Return  (Read 1794 times)

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Due in large part to the horrendous damage the Japanese earthquake/tsunami did to the country, a number of Japanese businesses are feeling a tremenous pinch in their pocketbooks. Among them is Square-Enix, who had to revise a rather paltry $12 million profit projection into a $148 million loss projection. What does this mean for us taffers? Well, Square-Enix is the company handling the publishing of Thief 4, and this blow to the company's bottom-line means they will be engaging in "a tightened selection standard regarding title lineup"- which means that games that aren't sure-fire hits will likely be dropped.

There's a writeup over here on the Escapist for those who want more detail to the bad news.
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Re: Uh Oh: The Japanese Earthquake Could Doom Garrett's Return
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2011, 07:10:23 PM »
Except that despite being not a sure-fire hit -- not if it is developed with the same care than Thief 3 at any rate -- Thief 4 development is not affected by the events in Japan as it is developed in Canada. It's understandable that Square-Enix would revise their plans for titles developed by their Japanese studios as a good share and maybe even all of them won't meet their deadline but that shouldn't affect Thief 4... Wait, strike that... That might affect Thief 4 but not as a cancellation. They might push and rush the game in attempt to make some quick cash.

When one cancels a game that also means the money one puts in it goes down the drain as the only way to regain the cash spent is by selling the game. The development of Thief 4 is already well engaged and it wouldn't be wise to cancel it now. They'll probably want to at least recover their investment which indeed might impact the game... in the wrong way.

What are the most likely to be cancelled at this point are all the projects that are at the beginning of the development cycle or in the pre-development stage as well as some new IP that would be considered as too "risky". Projects that already are far into their development cycle especially when they are already part of an established franchise (with Thief Square-Enix already know there's a consumer base, it's not a complete unknown like for a new IP) should go to term unless things go even more badly for the company in the coming year.

I don't really think that Thief 4 will be cancelled, not even put on hold. However that it turns out to be a sub-product quickly wrapped so it could be released as fast as possible in order to limit some of the company losses... that's always a possibility.

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