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Grave Prosperity Vl. 1
« on: March 12, 2013, 10:32:29 PM »

Here is a 3rd Person Faux-3D, survival horror game with action and puzzle elements called Grave Prosperity.


Between The Lines of Action and Horror...

After being set up and left for dead, you awaken bleeding in a ditch beneath the wreckage of your car. With no recollection of the preceding events you stare deeply into the wilderness stretching before you. The only thing between you and civilization is an ancient structure resting in the heart of the woods. Navigate your way through this abysmal place and into the black city of Prosperity, a city where god has no name and the light has been long forgotten...

Between The Lines of Mystery and Suspense...

As time passes nerves wear thin, thoughts become clouded and the line between civility and barbarism fades. Your sister has been missing for over a week and the police have done little more than lift a finger in response to the disappearance. In a desperate attempt to solve the mystery of your missing sibling you must take the law into your own hands. Choose to investigate and solve this case one of two ways, by quietly discovering and sabotaging the party involved or by seeking out and destroying said party by force. The choice is yours. But beware, the outcome of things will depend on the choices you make during your investigation...

The 4 parts of Vl. 1 will be free but other volumes you have to pay for them.  And Part 1&2 of Vl. 1 has been released.

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Re: Grave Prosperity Vl. 1
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2013, 07:01:42 AM »
Interesting ... have you tried it out yet?