Author Topic: Nvidia Is Evil  (Read 1183 times)

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Nvidia Is Evil
« on: July 07, 2014, 09:04:46 AM »
[DISCLAIMER: I didn't post this in the tech forum because I always feel like a fraud when tech issues come up. Og see fire. Fire burn Og. Og pee on fire. Fire gone. Og scratch ass. Og take nap.]

Note to self (and, of course, anyone reading this):

When installing Nvidia drivers, only install THE DRIVERS. And maybe the PhysX thing. NOT the GeForce Experience, the 3D Vision thing, the HD audio thing, or anything else in the list.

And here's where I note down WHY I'm reminding myself of this, because I have the memory of a goldfish.

1. The HD audio thing is completely stupid and unnecessary. And possibly criminal. Well...perhaps under the laws of my regime. I know that if I were in charge, I'd have them all shot.

Okay: for one thing, it clashes violently with my soundcard's otherwise amiable existence, crashing any game that uses sound. Which is ALL OF THEM. For another thing, why are they monkeying about with anything audio-related? They're a graphics-oriented company. And even then, they're not exactly doing such a great job with that.

To Nvidia: leave the audio stuff to the people who know what they're doing, morons.

2. Not exactly relevant, but I have little tolerance for any company/concern that insists on capitalizing random letters in its name (and God help them if their name ventures into alphanumeric idiocy...yeah, I'm looking at you, 3M. Devils!); I refuse to type "nVidia" outside of quotes.

3. 3D Vision? What? Why? NO!

4. The GeForce -- rrrgggghh -- Experience is bloatware. It was thrashing my system on startup, slowing everything down, affecting the tides, wrecking the economy, ringing the doorbell to ask if I'd like a copy of The know, really loathsome, intolerable crap. So I murdered the cultist geeks on the doorstep with an to uninstalling the damned thing.

Okay...reminding myself again: just drivers. And the PhysX ( :mad1: ) thing.

Now to figure out why Firefox is using up so much memory. Wait! I know why! Because it's developed by idiots who think it should be exactly like Chrome!

An interview with Kim Kardashian? Who wants to see that? I'd rather see an interview with the mortician's assistant who had to piece her head back together so they could have an open-casket funeral.

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Re: Nvidia Is Evil
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2014, 07:40:59 AM »
why are they monkeying about with anything audio-related? They're a graphics-oriented company.

I can answer that one (AMD does exactly the same thing): HDMI. If you put an HDMI port on your card, then you have to come with some sort of audio drivers to push the system sound through HDMI as HDMI does both graphics and audio (which of course is of absolutely no use if you don't have a monitor connected via HDMI to your system -- and there are reasons why you don't want a gaming computer plugged via HDMI).

3. 3D Vision? What? Why? NO!

If you had an AMD/ATI card that would be Eyefinity which allows to display a game on several monitors in a manner to obtain a panoramic view. They all have their thing, just not the same.

Anyway since AMD took charge of ATI, both nVidia and former ATI started to resemble each other. The transformation by AMD is nearly complete: drivers are updated when they want instead of once every month when ATI was in charge. The Catalyst suite is growing in size each time a new version comes out (and still they amusingly manage to give the player less control while multiplying features). The friendly touch toward old games has vanished so now you have equal chance that an old game playing bad with nvidia also plays bad with AMD and so on...

But it's kind of nice to know that whatever company you're buying from you're screwed  :hammerhead: It levels the field. Too bad that there's only those two.

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