Author Topic: The Witcher: Finally  (Read 1160 times)

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The Witcher: Finally
« on: August 19, 2015, 09:50:35 PM »
After starting the game five different times across two or three different systems over the last several years, I've finally gotten to chapter 1.

Thank you, thank you. Your applause is appreciated.

Additionally, I also got my first...uh...card, Triss. I take it that the cat resting on her crotch is supposed to be some sort of metaphor.

[In a real-world tangential note, the MTV VMA commercial featuring Miley Cyrus riding a huge white cat is also a metaphor, I suppose. (If I were less contemptuous of the human race, I might say that sometimes, a giant cat is just a giant cat.) However, the black cat in Triss' card represents witchy magic -- I think -- and Miley's cat merely points to the fact that she has a huge honkey (anatomical expletive deleted). Which reminds me of a joke:

Some random dude is boning Miley Cyrus. After a while, he falls in. As he's wandering around in the dark, completely lost, he runs into some guy. The guy says, "Hey bro...if you help me find my keys, we could drive the tour bus outta here."]

Well. Ever onward, Witcher-wise.
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Re: The Witcher: Finally
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2015, 07:25:45 AM »
Ah, the famous cards... there are about 20-22 of them if I remember correctly (including 3 cards that one cannot get on the same playthrough, one because it depends whom lady you finally choose to settle with and the two others because one card depends of your final choice - out of three). Most of them are far less metaphorical than Triss'. The card became a famous treasure hunt of the first game because most people would go for the cards completely forgetting about being faithful. Look out for occasions, there are about 3 per chapter, some obvious and some far less. And the first Triss card is quite the easy one.

In the Witcher universe lore, cats are the only animals (other than mages) capable of perceiving the ley lines linking the pools of magical energies around the world. They love sleeping atop those pools as they allegedly make them feel all kind of good things. In the other hand, cats generally tend to stay away from Witchers possibly because the magic used by them is not really "pure". Cats are that way... Now whether or not you want to consider Triss' crotch as a magic pool is up to you  :purplelaugh:

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