Author Topic: Microsoft really wants you to turn 10.  (Read 1182 times)

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Microsoft really wants you to turn 10.
« on: September 15, 2015, 04:48:50 PM »
Because apparently 10 is how old are the guys are MS marketing department. A few months after the Xbox One was released last year, Microsoft has begun to sell on the side the Xbox One controller for Windows PC (same they did for the Xbox 360 controller). This is of some note even for PC gamers because sadly we've been able to witness that an increasing number of games are better played with a controller and a few are even almost unplayable without one.

So Microsoft started to sell the PC version of the Xbox One controller or rather they delivered the PC drivers for the controller. So far, no problem. Except that, there was -- and still is -- a twist. Even though the Xbox One controller is wireless (no wired version was manufactured) the PC version must be connected to the PC via a micro-USB to USB cable that is part of the controller package. So effectively, the wireless controller is indeed wired -- but still requires batteries to work, funny.

So everybody was asking  the question "Why didn't Microsoft issued a wireless dongle to go with the controller from the start like they did for the Xbox 360 controller since they knew they were going to sell it for PC anyway?"

The surprising answer recently came from Microsoft. Indeed a wireless dongle will be sold starting this Fall with a new controller or as a separate part for those who already have the controller so you can enjoy the wireless connectivity of the Xbox One controller on Windows 10.

"Hold on a second!", exclaimed everyone! "By Windows 10 you really mean Windows, right? It's just a typo?" After asking directly Microsoft  a gaming website discovered that "No, not a typo. The wireless dongle and drivers will only be for Windows 10." The others, those apparently too stupid to switch to Windows 10 will have to be content with a cable. So in fact the answer was that there was no wireless dongle issued because Windows 10 was not available yet and that Microsoft was planning from the start to support Windows 10 exclusively. Similarly, Microsoft will release a "Pro" Xbox One controller this Fall about triple the price of the normal one and for which the special application will only work on Windows 10.

Sure MS could come with the easy explanation "the advanced functions of this controller can only be exploited via DirectX 12" but they are not stupid enough to use that because a) they are the ones that chose to not make DirectX 12 available for Windows 7 and 8 and b) no current game is even using DirectX 12 so it's kind of a moot point.

And to think that the Xbox 360 wireless controller is supported on all Windows versions from XP to 10. And don't be fooled, if MS won't issue the dongle for Windows 7 or even 8 or 8.1 (yeah not even the OS just before is deemed well enough to be graced with the proper drivers) it's not because of a compatibility issue or technical difficulties. Even though vastly different visually, all those OS (from 7 to 10) are too close one from the other internally to have that kind of compatibility issue (further I remind everyone that the Xbox One controller does work on Windows 7 and 8... wired). No this is a pure marketing decision that comes with the "Windows 10 upgrade is free". For some reason Microsoft appears so desperate to push people to switch to Windows 10 that they don't even care if they loose money in the process. And loose money they will. because a lot of people like me might have envisaged to switch their trusty Xbox 360 wireless controller for an Xbox One because after all reviews are rather positive but after this? No way. I keep my Windows 7 and my Xbox 360 controller and you keep your fancy new controller, no problem pals. You want to make a sale, issue some Windows 7 wireless drivers... until then, ciao!

God I hate idiotic marketeers.

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