Author Topic: Dragon new patch and end of story...  (Read 1612 times)

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Dragon new patch and end of story...
« on: September 17, 2015, 09:28:16 AM »
It happened about a weak ago when Bioware released the last of the single-player DLC The Trespasser. The whole purpose of this DLC is to tie up loose ends and above all to explain some things about what happened at the end of the main game. The DLC is not free -- $15 -- because we're talking about EA there so no big surprise.

The story of the DLC begins in fact 2 years after Corypheus Defeat. Orlais and Ferelden grew restless over the fact that the Inquisition remains strong. Orlais would like to seize control of it and Ferelden would see it purely disbanded. Both at least agree on the fact that the Inquisition represents a militarily force too strong to be left unchecked. So the divine -- who is who you chose it to be, if you did, during the main game, in my case it was Leliana -- convokes an Exalted Council to study the matter back at the Winter Palace. Of course the Inquisitor is one of the main attendants. And of course, nothing being ever simple in the world of Thedas, what should have been a matter of negotiation rapidly turns into the beginning of a war that has nothing to do with the Council itself.

As several aspects of the DLC (notably regarding your companions) depend heavily on your choices during the main game it's useless to go into further details. Those choices may trigger different things including a nasty surprise if you made choices similar to mine regarding one companion.

A few things to notice however: unlike other DLC, starting The Trespasser effectively ends the game. there's no going back to finish all the little things there is to do in game. You can't even go back to Skyhold during the course of the DLC at the end of which the typical slideshow sums up choices and consequences (and I have a bone to pick with Bioware there... How fast do you really think most normal people can read? I was able to get about 70% of the thing and had to piece the rest together. Oh but when it comes to credits that most people don't want to read they roll for hours and hours...).

They tried to pull off a Mass Effect 3 "The Citadel" DLC reunion show but that didn't really work for me. And there's a reason for that. In ME you got to follow characters over three games and so got attached to them. In Dragon Age, the main character changed every game and of all the characters present in DA3 only 2 were actually there during the 3 games, Cullen and Leliana (and Leliana was just a passing character in DA2 while Cullen only really became one of the main characters in DA3). With who would I feel like having a reunion? Sera?

Nonetheless, despite the reunion flop, the DLC is actually a good way to end up the DA3 story arc. You actually end up learning more that you needed to know about the ancient elves (the Dalish will be positively livid) and the role Solas had in their downfall (you even finally understand why Solas regards Dalish with some contempt during the main game). Sure a part of the explanation seems a little far-fetched but nothing as ridiculous as the Starchild at least.

As for the patch well, actually you can have that one without buying the DLC. The main features introduced are a "wardrobe" with a few options (so you can change the look of the inquisitor when running around in Skyhold) and a gameplay alteration (the active spells/ability modifier -- the little thing you can "buy" to augment the capability of the  ability/spell -- can now be switched between two versions, the normal old one and a new one with different effects/benefits -- you buy both with a single point and after that you switch between the two in the ability screen).

Well at least now DA3 is done and so Bioware can focus on other things like ruining the franchise by creating a MMO -- they are already in the process of doing a similar thing with Mass Effect: Andromeda which I was happy :throwup: to learn will have a true multiplayer mode "for the first time in Mass Effect" [sic] (because apparently the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3 wasn't really one, it was just there to annoy the hell out of single player gamers). But since Mass Effect: Andromeda won't feature any of the characters from the previous games as it happens in a different galaxy (indeed Shepard destroyed the only viable way to travel within our Galaxy but somehow we've been able to reach another one... And no I'm not even interested in learning the twisted explanation to justify this -- as Andromeda is actually 2 Millions light years from us -- I won't do the maths but one light year is about 10,000 billions kilometers -- I expect it must be a "very good" explanation, possibly not too far from Stargate Atlantis which also went to another galaxy; like if there wasn't enough room in ours). Anyway, as I was saying I'm not interested in the future of Mass Effect. For me the story arc ended with ME3 and now any further game is just milking the cow and not in a good way: more dumb action, less thinking, less interactions, more multiplayer.

The current path of Bioware actually reminds me of the fate of Origin Systems, bought by EA, forced to abandon the development of original IPs to create a dumb chain of multiplayer games of little interest before being put to death by the very same EA because the resulting crappy games didn't sell well.

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