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Metro Exodus: Sam's Story [2020 -- 4A Games] {DLC}
« on: July 05, 2020, 09:11:32 PM »
Warning: this is a review of a DLC for the game Metro Exodus. This DLC takes place after the end of the vanilla game. As such, there will be spoilers regarding the vanilla game. Refrain from reading if you have not finished the main story.

Samuel Taylor is a very special member of the Spartan as he is Actually the only American among all those Russians. 20 years ago, Sam was a Marine guarding the US embassy in Moscow. The day the bombs fell, he was off-duty in Moscow metro and was nearly lynched by the mob as of course he was the only American they could get their hands on. He was rescued by Sviatoslav Melnikov, a GRU Colonel that possibly understood more than others that because it was full nuclear, the war ended the second it started and attempts at retaliation were futile. There were no enemies anymore, only survivors. In the following years Melnikov became known under the nickname "Miller" and created the Spartan Order, a paramilitary force for peace and the preservation of what was left of the human race. During 20 years in the metro tunnels Sam remained with him as his bodyguard.

20 years later, at the beginning of Metro Exodus, Sam was as shocked as the other Spartans to learn that not only Moscow survived but a lot of other cities accross Russia and beyond the oceans, North America included. And so he starts to develop the idea to find a way to go back to his hometown of San Diego and find if his father is among the survivors. Of course, always loyal, he helps his brothers in arms in their mission to settle in a safe place, but once they arrive at the little paradise that are the banks of lake Baikal, Sam decides that it's time for his own journey. After saying goodbye to Artyom, Anna and the others, he sets off in direction of Vladivostok. the most eastern maritime Russian port he can think of, on the pacific ocean.

The journey to Vladivostok is long but is only the beginning because once there where will he find a ship sturdy enough to make the voyage to San Diego? It's not like if there still were regular lines.

This DLC is the story of how Sam finds a mean of transportation and how he finds himself embroiled in a power struggle between another American and a Russian Captain.

The gameplay is not that different from the vanilla game. You get a bunch of new toys though, a heavily modified M4 assault rifle that can shoot incendiary bullets (very efficient against mutants) or the same bullets as the AK, an amazingly modifiable Colt 1911 and a gadget that allows you to detect mines (quite a few in this DLC) and special resources (mods) for your equipment and weapons. There's a lot of boating going around because Vladivostok in the aftermath of the bombs became quite nicely submerged. Fortunately though, unlike the vanilla game, the boats come with a motor installed.

What changes the most from the vanilla game though is that Sam has a voice hence there are real dialogues going on between him and the NPCs. It's a nice change of pace from Artyom's silent routine. It even allows for some funny moments that would be impossible with Artyom. The only reproach I could make to the story could be that once Sam has meet the two main characters, you kind of know where this is going. There's no real surprise.

Clocking at around a dozen hours, Sam's Story is all in all a nice DLC, long enough to have fun with it, short enough to not overstay its welcome.
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