Author Topic: Return To Forever...Oblivion, Skyrim, et al  (Read 2003 times)

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Return To Forever...Oblivion, Skyrim, et al
« on: April 09, 2016, 02:58:30 AM »
It's a Bethesda-oriented thread, really. You'll see.

I may have made a huge mistake. In my neverending quest to make a good-looking character, I sometimes do things to my load order to perhaps enhance the process. In this case, I uninstalled Enhanced Character Edit [ECE] and replaced it with RaceMenu. Now, I preferred ECE due to its new sliders, etc.; RaceMenu seemed to be just the mod you used if you wanted to layer face paint on your character. But the latest version of RaceMenu actually has a goodly number of sliders and such...apparently, it "caught up" (to quote someone else's observation) to ECE in terms of complexity.

Also, there's an HD head mesh mod (CITRUS Heads) that demands it as a requirement...really, the only true reason I switched over: the HD mesh. However, now that I've messed with it for a while, I don't really see that much of an improvement over ECE. And while RaceMenu was easier to set up for my custom races (never could get ECE to work with them completely), it just seems...well...unsatisfying, somehow.

To my eye, the HD meshes aren't really all that much of an improvement. Maybe a few screens might explain a bit.

First, the blonde face made with ECE:

Here she is approximated with RaceMenu:

(I had to approximate, as I forgot to note down her slider numbers before I uninstalled ECE.)

Although I think the RM face looks more realistic, perhaps, I still prefer the dreamier first face.

More ECE-crafted examples of, technically, the same face (the second has some minor variations):

Now this next one was made in RaceMenu and screwed with until I was absolutely sick of it:

That's right...she looks like Daisy Duck now. :ss-facepalm

In summary: I think I'm going back to ECE.

I haven't been having much luck with faces in ANY game lately...for example, Fallout 4:

That jawline is a catastrophe.

And to counteract my somewhat depressing disappointment with FO4, I've reinstalled Oblivion.

Now. My current OB install is nowhere as complex as it was back in 2011, when I last messed with it. Currently, it's almost barebones; the only mods I have installed are the official DLC, the unofficial patches, the 2 body replacement mods (Robert's and HGEC), a bag of holding, the StarX vampire death mod (always a favorite), enhanced water, Timeslip's nighteye shader mod, something that makes the NPCs better-looking, and of course the most important mod of all: mine.

(Actually, I intended just to have my mod and the DLC, but come on...sometimes you just need vampires to burst into flames on death.)

I intend to slowly add all of my precious mods back into the experience and eliminate others (i.e., horse armor), but I'm just trying to reacclimatize myself to a game I played incessantly for almost five years but haven't played in almost five years.

...yeah, that sort of makes sense. The key to a happy life is not to proofread (or apologize for) what you've written around 2:30am.

Anyway, just re-learning how to get from point A to point B was...well, fun. I missed the Ayleid ruins (much like I've missed the Daedric ruins in MW), and even though I had to check online how to drop an item in my inventory (shift+click the item), it's all coming back to me. Which is why I'm not exactly eager to reinstall one of the overhauls...

But my most challenging issue was, yes, my character's FACE. Although I remember the nightmarish sliders vividly, I was reminded forcibly just how horrible they are. Being completely out of practice with those intransigent little demons, my first attempt didn't come out so well:

Since I exist day to day feeling as if someone hit me in the face with a roll of foam rubber, I didn't have the energy to even TRY to fix that. So I resorted to using one of my mod's savegames.

Still not terribly happy with it, but there are some things I guess I will just have to learn to live with. Can I see that one screen again?

Thank you. I feel a little better. Not much, steps.

Anyway, so many things they left out of Skyrim: solid-feeling combat (and shields), classes, stats, paper doll in inventory...and while I do prefer Skyrim's faces and magic system (even though it's weak as a kitten fart), I miss being able to cast a spell with a weapon and shield equipped.

With that said, I also miss the ability, in Morrowind, to cast a fireball from my sword. The guys working on OB sneered at fireball-spewing swords, but they never stopped to think that maybe SOME of us out here in the middle of nowhere LIKE being able to shoot fireballs from our swords, that perhaps we NEED to shoot fireballs from our swords. Maybe this is why some of us go out and contract the clap intentionally, because we just like the burning sensation. Why do I scream when I pee? It's Bethesda's fault, dammit.

Yeah. Sleep deprivation? What's that?
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Re: Return To Forever...Oblivion, Skyrim, et al
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2016, 09:44:31 AM »
So...yes. Reinstalled ECE.

[pause for wild cheering]

Even managed to get it working with my races.

[pause for rapturous applause]

[pause for being carried around the room on the shoulders of ecstatic well-wishers]

All it took was following instructions. Huh. Whoda thunk it?

[pause for an awkward silence, complete with ironic cricket chirp.]

Mostly, the sliders I couldn't get at were eye-related. Now it works. And now...on to--

--hold on a minute. I just wanted to point out that the FakeFactory guy, the one behind the HL2 Cinematic Mod? Yeah, him. He needs serious help.

Remember when this woman --

-- was a plain Asian woman? And the citizen who gives you the airboat is ALSO a stylish Brazilian supermodel. And let's not forget Asian Judith Iscariot Mossman...

...who managed to be both hot and creepy at the same time. There was a variant of Judith that also introduced some really disturbing jiggle physics...

...again, that guy needs to be in a straightjacket.

Speaking of which, next up: fixing my goddamn FO4 character. Who's up for a serious drinking problem?



Fixed FO4 lady's jaw.

Tweaked Skyrim lady's mouth.

Other Skyrim lady in ECE. Looks like the RM version.

Staying with ECE, 'coz eye sliders work nicely. Take midmorning nap now. :sleepy2:
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Re: Return To Forever...Oblivion, Skyrim, et al
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2016, 10:29:13 PM »
I'm actually replaying Oblivion a bit to test how good the SC fares with it (pretty well, actually... I have still to find a game unusable with the controller; well aside Origin "exclusives" but that's another matter because it's not the controller being unable to do something in this case but rather EA that doesn't want stinking Steam to touch their dear sweet Origin).

Anyway, so I was replaying Oblivion and it's a good thing for Bethesda that I didn't replay it sooner, say... before my writing of Fallout 4 review. There are quests in OB... real quests I mean. Not the kind that you follow from A to B like Fallout 4 but the real convoluted kind (without being overdone like some from Morrowind). I still try from time to time to go back to F4 but... nah. It's getting really bad when the only interesting things that are left to do in what is supposed to be a RPG are to build settlements and manage settlers that are more stupids than a brahmin. To be frank at this point I would even be OK with Fallout 4 quests resembling Skyrim ones... sad to say.

The complete lack of a GECK -- that should have been released this month no? -- does not enhance the experience.

Also I hope that the idiotic TES: Legends dues this year is not a replacement for TES VI. If it is I'm liable to kill someone.

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Re: Return To Forever...Oblivion, Skyrim, et al
« Reply #3 on: April 22, 2016, 07:46:36 AM »
I hope Legends is just another inconsequential side project like the phone games, or TESonline. But if you MUST kill someone, I have quite the list of candidates you could consider.  :purplelaugh:

Funny...I recall now that while at the time I avoided quests (because I preferred to run and jump and hop and generally frolic around the countryside like a lunatic, shouting "whee!"), returning to OB...well, they aren't so bad after all. Compared to FO4, definitely. (If someone manages to disable that dipshit Vault Boy from popping up every two seconds to tell me to do certain things while I'm in workshop mode, I will endorse the hell out of their mod.)

The only real problem I have with OB right now is the stupid leveling system. That's why I'll (eventually get around to) reinstall a couple of the overhauls I used to play. A goblin warlord blocking my Nodachi of Death? Blasphemy!

Currently I'm stalled on OB, as I had become obsessed with figuring out why I suddenly developed the cell reset bug in FO4. Turns out, after restarting three times while sifting through my modest number of mods, that the Spring Cleaning mod is a filthy lady part.

That's me being delicate, by the way.

Spring Cleaning supposedly "fixes" the cell reset bug, but it also *causes* it if you have any other mod that modifies the settlement world spaces. In my case, I had Build High installed (among other things, it pushes boundaries of settlements outward a bit), and that screwed everything over.

Well...I mean, it didn't exactly cause the earth to explode, but it was fairly annoying. What it did, in essence, was cause any containers I constructed to respawn new ammo (apparently the containers have a couple of perk flags on them)...I know: horrible, right? ::)  But I was concerned that they'd eventually just start erasing my hard-won crap.

Worst of all is that the bug -- which is an engine problem -- caused my power armor collection to revert to crappy T-45. Intolerable. So I spent quite a while sorting it all out, and in the end all I had to do was disable one...ONE...minor mod.

Although I was quite willing to blame Bethesda, it wasn't their fault entirely. Just a modder who can't figure out how to make his mod play nice with others'.

Speaking of which, that friggin' GECK should've been out on day one. But Bethesda likes their money, so we gotta wait.

Anyway, it did allow me to tweak a few things. For example, I avoided the Spring Cleaning plugins that allow me to scrap the big privet hedges and un-ruined houses in Sanctuary. Scrapping those cause massive LOD problems, what with the distant (and near) landscape winking in and out of existence. I guess that's the reason why they never added those things to the scrap list.

Sanctuary tip: picket fences add to the size of the settlement, so scrapping them all will increase your size budget. A weird way to do things, Bethesda. Refer to the screenshot above.

Also, Arthmoor has started up his unofficial patch thing, which I imagine must be difficult, given that the actual GECK hasn't been released yet. Oh, wait...well, it's in beta and those who are participating in the beta can release mods made with it, but they can't *talk* about it. ::)  Still, the requirements for the latest version include the latest beta patch, as well the survival/hardcore/waste of time beta. Sometimes I wonder if Arthmoor has a massive brain tumor. :ss-nuts

Something that bothers me:

Was this precognitive of Vault-Tec? Did they somehow figure out that roaches would become huge? This is the sort of thing that just makes me tired all over.

I managed to find enough energy to force my way through Automatron...and then regretted it, as after I finished the damned thing I couldn't dismiss the robot companion they forced me to build and drag along for the final confrontation. Other than that, it was...okay. No big deal.

Wasteland Workshop, however, just seems to be a less-than-mediocre footnote that does nothing interesting whatsoever. I would say that I'm looking forward to Far Harbor next month, but that wouldn't be the truth. I'm actually more excited about all the dental work I have scheduled for next month.
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