Author Topic: It's Neverending!  (Read 1088 times)

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It's Neverending!
« on: May 23, 2016, 10:09:51 PM »
Still mucking about with FO4. Near the end of Far Harbor, I think.

Although I admit that I have enjoyed both Automatron and Far Harbor (so far), there have been a couple of bad spots in the experience. Let's waltz through them, shall we? Take my hand! Let us dance!

Get offa my feet, you uncoordinated monkey.

First, this most likely has nothing to the DLC whatsoever. So now that Bethesda's patched the living shit out the game, after 40 to 45 minutes of play it gets this weird jittery thing that makes it unplayable; save, quit to desktop, load the save. Repeat after another 45 minutes. I mentioned this to my dad (who is way more technically-adept than I could ever hope to be), telling him that every chucklehead on the various forums advises that those with the problem should get an SSD. (Despite the fact that people with SSDs have reported the same problem.)

He said, "An SSD won't solve that. It sounds like a memory leak in the damn game." He added, "even more RAM won't work for that."

True: minimum specs were 4gb, I think? I have 8gb of RAM.

So screw you too, Bethesda. Lazy half-assed turkeys.

I'm also experiencing 1- to 2-minute loading times, but that's a handful of anti-anxiety drugs for another day.

Anyway, Far Harbor: the new armor is mostly ridiculous. The Trapper and Coastal armors are...well, I'll post pics later. The Trapper armor in particular reminded me of the clunky armor in Unreal 2, with added bits of tastelessness. The Marine Assault armor is mostly okay, don't like the pauldrons. It looks to be the missing link between heavy combat armor and power armor. It even has a non-functional fusion cell on the back.

The real star is the Marine wetsuit; with the matching "helmet," it's strongly reminiscent of the FO3 stealth suit. With differences, of course. Someone's already retextured it to look like Spider-man's red-and-blue costume.


The rest of the armor/clothing is mainly fisherman-related. So if you're roleplaying either the Gorton's Fisherman or Mrs. Paul, you'll be happy as a shark in chum. And there's a pirate hat. Good times.

Oh, and Hermit Crabs.  :ss-eek :ss-ahhhh

The only real problem I have with Far Harbor is the weird glitches. Well...besides the fact that Kasumi Nakano looks more like a Cynthia Jones, I mean. I wonder if the character designers at Bethesda have ever seen an Asian person?

Anyway, the technical problems:

In the final quest you do for The Mariner (she's a citizen in Far Harbor), there's a point where you get on your boat and travel to a certain point. But no matter how many times I reloaded, the game would dump me in the water after the loading screen. I'd hear her voice over the nonexistent radio, but I'm not on a freakin' boat anymore. The solution, apparently, is just to swim towards her marker, and then hop on land and talk to her, continuing the quest. Instead of trying to find your boat after you've completed the task, you just fast travel back to Far Harbor.


There are a few other, minor things...but they didn't make my blood pressure spike TOO much.

But one thing did bug me: why are there Super Mutants on the island?

And, by Jove, why is there Nuka-Cola Quantum in Boston?
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Re: It's Neverending!
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2016, 08:41:15 AM »
As threatened, screenshots.

First up, some of the dumber Legendary items I've stumbled across:

Most of the legendary items are kind of stupid (a shotgun that does radiation damage, or heavy synth leg armor that makes lockpicking slightly easier, for example), but once in a while something comes along along that's pretty damned useful. Unfortunately, I have yet to find any truly useful items with this character, even though she's at level 81 now.

In my very first playthrough, I got a 10mm pistol that had the neverending ammo perk...that was the most useful weapon EVER, and I never found its like again with any other playthrough. (That one laser rifle doesn't count. I'm not a fan of laser weapons.)

And, some of the dumber things I've encountered. Yes, I'll be getting to the Far Harbor armor in a moment.

Somehow, Jun Long ended up on a roof in Sanctuary:

No matter how many times I encouraged him to take the express route to the ground (hopefully while screaming), he ignored me. "Come on and JUMP, you depressed bastard!"

Note my fledgling attempt at an office building in the background. I just like glass buildings. You'll be seeing more of them in this post.

Now, this...this isn't about the Rad Chicken (which is goofy in itself), but...'s about the fact that they want me to drop everything and return to the mainland and defend a settlement that they insisted I build in the middle of an URBAN FREAKING WARZONE. If the nine hundred turrets I crammed in there aren't enough, then to hell with it. (FYI, I was informed later that I had failed to defend the settlement; when I last checked on it before starting the dlc, I had 18 -- !!! -- settlers. After the [failed] attack, I had nine. Good. It thins the herd.) This has happened at least three times since I hopped a boat to Maine, so I don't know what the bleeding crap Bethesda wants of me anymore.

Moving along...this represents what happened when I stealth-killed ONE guy on the very edge of an area by a foundered ship absolutely crammed with Trappers:

In summary, the stealth system is a steaming pile of dog crap.

Other stupid stuff...

I believe this might be a vanilla mesh bug. This is what happened when I tried to craft a believable mouth (Bethesda has trouble with that):

The under-jaw spikes are a stupid mistake on Bethesda's part ("What? QA Department? Do we even have one of those?"), and they don't always show...I've minimized them through effort, but sometimes one will show itself.

Another character. This is what their godawful face animations did to her otherwise presentable face:

She looks like a doofus now. Friggin' Bethesda...

In a related note, I had to install a Piper mod as she is downright hideous. Whenever she talks, she looks as if...let me put it this way: she looks like she's skydiving with her mouth open.

On to other things.

It's not like I feel stupid or anything:

Spectacle Island:

Dalton farmstead, Far Harbor:

I just like my glass buildings. Too bad there aren't any curved pieces.

A note on characters. I've been attempting to craft a *believable* Asian-looking character. (Why? Shut up.) I've had a lot of problems getting her there, and sometimes I just say "screw it" and play the game with a huge pair of sunglasses to cover her deformities. One step too far in tweaking the tip of her nose, and she's Cherokee. Don't get the cheekbones right, and she's kinda Latin. It's endlessly frustrating. The key is getting the eyes right, but Bethesda half-assed that, too. You can slant them in or outwards, and there's very little control over the eyelids.

I guess it's easier for Bethesda to make wood elves. ::)

Anyway, this is one of those "screw it" moments:

Not her usual style.

This is how I'd sculpted this intransigent clay when I started Far Harbor:

Careful. She's puffy from steroid abuse. :redhot:   Maybe a very subdued Chrissy Teigen? Naaaah. The cheekbones aren't a danger to navigation.

I finally managed to get her where she's at least *presentable*...
Look, ma! No jaw spikes!

Although hair has been something of a problem.

The default hair is mostly uninspiring, and I haven't been really impressed with the hair mods in general. They're either bizarre mashups of existing hairstyles, ports of the glam hair mods from Skyrim (which look mostly stupid in the setting, not to mention they never fit the head right), or something kinda ridiculous. Someone has yet to port this hair:

...and if they did, it'd probably look like crap anyway. ::)

So the armor:

Marine Wetsuit, Wetsuit with hood, Marine Armor:

The Marine armor also has a couple of variants for the Children of Atom. There are glowy designs on them, of course.

You know, I don't feel stupid enough in this ridiculous getup... I added a lobster trap.

Seriously. They made a helmet out of a lobster trap.

(That is the Trapper armor, fully upgraded to "buttressed"; I hate it.)

And you can wear it with anything, such as the Coastal Armor:

...which also works with the pirate hat:

"Trust The Gorton's Fisherman":

Or cover yourself in weasel pelts so as to accessorize with your big stupid chitin pauldrons:

(I keep hearing the Morrowind menu theme whenever I see this armor. I wonder why...)

Go for a dive...

Or, if the TVs were working, you could soak up a few cathode rays...

This looks way too much like Miraak's armor. Just sayin'.

I wouldn't exactly call something like this a "reward."

Yes, that is indeed an exhaust pipe strapped to the back of her head.

I tinkered with the color of the wetsuit and marine armor a bit. Surprise, they're black:

I'm still not a fan of the pauldrons or the general bulkiness of the design. Oh, well.

Finally, some gratuitous vanity shots:

Not shown: the two Vim! paint jobs for the power armor. :ss-shake

...aaaaaaaaaaaaaand back to it.
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Re: It's Neverending!
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2016, 04:09:19 AM »
So it's been a while.

When I do fire up FO4, mostly I just build stuff with various construction mods. I'm doing this with a character that has finished the MQ, because the idea of doing all that over again but allied with another faction just fills me with the kind of weary despair that is the hallmark of every person throughout history who looked up at the impregnable gates of the city they hoped to plunder...the guy who shook his head, muttered "Nah," turned around, and went home.

In short, the idea of playing through yet again with, say, the help of the Brotherhood of Steel, was repulsive. Besides, I played it how I thought it should've been done: I blew up the Institute with the help of the Minutemen. I was halfway through rebuilding Sanctuary again when I realized that I was just going to play through it the same way again. I don't like the other factions, and the Minutemen make the most sense. So why go through all that again if I'm going to end up with the same results?

So I just build stuff. This character is prepared for the upcoming DLC, and then...retirement for her, I guess. But you really want to see the screens, huh?

I was having a few issues at Abernathy Farm...

The Coastal Cottage site was prime for a glass house...

The various limitations of the Taffington Boathouse pissed me off and I burned the damned thing down and started over.

...and I kind of went overboard at the Red Rocket station.

I hope the stupid ingrates in Sanctuary get the message:

Someone said she got tired of building nice shelters and good bedding for ungrateful settlers, so she just lined the sidewalks with sleeping bags. Give 'em something to complain about. :ok:

This is what happens when the AI sticks to the old pathing crap.
Friggin' Codsworth.


I was trying to move Mama Murphy and her chair somewhere else, but she absolutely will not move once you build her that chair. So I ended up deleting her via console, moving the chair, then re-enabling her. In the screen above, you can see what happened when I removed the floor. And then Ada walked up and stood in the way. I hate them both.

A zillion roses 'round the ol'...what, maple?...tree. And a greenhouse. Still haven't decided what to build on the two adjacent lots...

The public pool.

The Sanctuary workshop, redesigned.

Greetings from Spectacle Island and the Fortress Of Sorrowtude:
aka, Casa Fuck Off.

The pool and the bridge out back...

Lower deck, poolside:

Upper deck, poolside:

The hill.

Before anyone asks, no: I don't know why the glass parts of the stairs are purple. Sometimes they are, sometimes they're not. It's probably a bug with either my video settings or the Settlement Objects Expansion Pack mod. I don't know how to fix it, so it's a good thing I like purple.

Though the hairstyles and the lipstick may change, I think I've created what I wanted in a character.

Sadly, I was looking forward to five years' worth of character tweaking, but I guess I need to find another game now.

I'm sensing a theme...

And now...sleep. I'm probably going to upgrade to Win10 tomorrow, and I'm hoping I won't have to resort to child sacrifice to make it work. I mean, those little bastards are fast. It's just so much work to chase 'em down anymore.
Fun Fact! The cheetah can run 75 miles per hour! Faster, if on fire!

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Re: It's Neverending!
« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2016, 11:48:35 AM »
POPSUGAR: What's the ultimate breakfast sandwich?
Jeff Mauro: Perfectly griddled sausage patty, everything bagel, veggie cream cheese, and pickled jalapeƱos, of course.

Why not start the day with searing stomach cramps and explosive diarrhea? :explodebouncy:




This outfit may be a tad...conspicuous...

...but at least it isn't an unzipped jumpsuit with her goodies pouring out.

Okay, better. Far more subtle.

Sometimes you just have to spell out things for your stupid settlers.

Some landscaping problems at Croup Manor led me to express my frustration in neon.

It's weird. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't. I blame Bethesda, of course.
Fun Fact! The cheetah can run 75 miles per hour! Faster, if on fire!