Author Topic: Windows 10 And How Hell Just Froze Over  (Read 1223 times)

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Windows 10 And How Hell Just Froze Over
« on: July 28, 2016, 03:48:47 PM »
Well, the deadline was looming over me. Previously, I held onto my OSes until they were deemed unsupportable. 3.1. Win95. Win98. XP. (See, I completely skipped 2000/ME by clinging desperately to Win98, and did the same by avoiding Vista in favor of the increasingly-creaky XP.) And then...7. I held fast against the sheer stupidity of 8 and 8.1, and I was planning to do so when faced with 10, but...

...well, I needed to reload Windows (four years isn't all that long a time to go between reloads, right? I mean, sure, the thing was about as stable as the Manson Family, but that's normal, right? Right??), and what better way to do that than to upgrade to Win10? This time, I'd be a relatively early adopter..."early" in the sense of "upgrading before I was informed that they wouldn't be supporting my OS anymore."

So far it's a pretty smooth transition. The only real issues I have are cosmetic: while smokey eye shadow makes my eyes pop, the slutty red lipstick just makes me look cheap.


I mean that my taskbar isn't as transparent as I'd like, but I'll get used to it in time. I got used to XP's crap colors, didn't I? Grumble.

Worst of all, my Free Cell and Mahjong Titans are gone. The bastards.

If anyone's having trouble with getting Skyrim Script Extender [SKSE] and/or F4SE (for Fallout 4) running without having to go through the games' menu/launcher (that is: attempting to launch the game via the SE shortcut would cause the menu/launcher to pop up instead of going straight into the game), I discovered something useful: enable the Steam overlay in each of those games, and Steam will allow you to launch the games through the SE without causing the menu/launcher to pop up. But you need to exit Steam entirely and restart it for those changes to take effect.

Confusin', ain't it?

Also, I sidestepped the issue of the UAC -- no, not Doom-related -- asking me if I wanted to allow certain progs (F4SE, for example) to make changes to my computer. How? By telling it I didn't want to run F4SE (and SKSE) as an administrator. The UAC stopped asking me after that.  :madatwall:


I'm okay with 10 so far. I've had to deal with 8 and 8.1 with another computer, and those were a complete pain in the ass. This seems...better.

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Re: Windows 10 And How Hell Just Froze Over
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2016, 08:24:45 AM »
Well I still have 10 on my secondary computer and still Seven on my primary... And I still think that 10 is an awful gadget. Oh, I'm not talking about the OS in itself, at its core, 10 is just another version of 8 that was already another version of Seven. But I can't get over that god awful "paper" interface that gives you the impression that you've stuck post-it all over the screen.

Also another lesson that I learned the hard way... Never let 10 link your WIndows Live account to your computer because a) you'll find yourself forced to login with your Windows Live ID and b) if your WIndows Live account is compromised some day, guys will also be able to access your computer... Excellent idea MS.

But using your Windows Live ID is the only way to get your calendar and phonebook synchronized accross your different devices, computer, tablets, smartphones... So there's that.

With that said, after almost a year practicing 10 on my secondary I can't say there are pros and cons. Immediate access to news, weather or maps is nice. Xbox Live is crap (what is the mere mention of Xbox doing on a PC is anyone guess -- in fact it's MS trying to do with Xbox Live what they couldn't with Game For Windows; if you like playing YOUR games YOUR way... don't fall for it because buying and playing games with Xbox Live comes with an awful lot of "You cant do this or that" because we wouldn't want Windows gamers to gain an unfair advantage on Xbox gamers by installing... say, a mod...).

But for me the only reason to change will be to switch to DX12 and for that I will have to buy a new graphic card first anyway (as the R9 280X does not support DX12). There's not enough games using DX12 yet to warrant that switch. The only I ran into so far was the latest Tomb Raider and you can run it in DX11. Still I have an eye on the new AMD RX480 (which apparently comes with better perfs than my 280X and 8GB instead of 3 -- when was the time when 512MB of VRAM were considered monstrous?) so who knows... Still, not right now.

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Re: Windows 10 And How Hell Just Froze Over
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2016, 07:44:02 PM »
But I can't get over that god awful "paper" interface that gives you the impression that you've stuck post-it all over the screen.

I don't remember which version introduced it, but you could "stick" little virtual post-its all over your desktop, eliminating the need to put actual post-its on your screen. An interesting idea, but ultimately stupid.

[On a side note, anyone putting post-its on my beloved monitor will find themselves in dire circumstances, indeed.  :ss-devil2011]

But yes, that's a very good description of the ugly, ugly UI. It also has a kind of Win 3.1 feel to it...dull, lifeless, seriously lacking in aesthetics. And very few customization options. Whoever designed it should be put down like a rabid dog.

[Another side note: looking around, there were -- of course -- bizarre knee-jerk reactions to people expressing their disgust with how ugly it is. The fanboys came out in force and proclaimed it as the most beautiful thing they've ever seen! The sad thing is that MS isn't even paying these idiots...they don't have to! :ss-disbelief]

Windows Live...when I saw that, my first thought was " THAT's gonna happen."  :lol:  I had enough of dealing with Windows Live to last me forever. And the whole syncing thing is sort of lost on the likes of me, since the only other device I have is a, I don't even have a cell. Yes, I'm one of the last phone-less holdouts, but I don't really have a use for one. I hate talking to people and texting, so it makes sense, I guess.

Neo-Luddite? Me?? :ok:

The deal-breaker was the absence of FreeCell and Mahjong Titans. Oh, they had a "free" Solitaire five-pack, but the integration was crap (a launcher that opens a store window! yay!) and they expected me to pay for the ad-free version...well, I'd be allowed to "rent" it, in so many words. I was talking to my dad about all this, and he grumbled that he had to find a recompiled version of solitaire to run on 10...

So, yeah: I rolled back to 7. In essence, 10 just didn't...feel...right. It may be odd to say such a thing about software, but when I'm looking at the thing for hours at a time, it's gotta be a comfortable fit. Maybe I'll wait for 11. Or 12. 13 should be interesting.

Other things: I decided to run Update when I got 7 know, just because...and it just wouldn't download updates. So doing more looking around, I saw all kinds of advice, tricks, workarounds, etc., but I decided to use the method used by one individual: patience. I set it to update and walked away for a few hours. When I came back, it was just finished updating.

And then I decided to update my video card a result, FO4 has stopped turning into a jittery slideshow every 45 minutes of play. So something good came out of this. ::)  (I still blame Bethesda, of course.)

EDIT: Oh, found that pic I had intended to post.

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