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We're switching to SSL
« on: January 19, 2017, 12:42:33 PM »
As of today, the forums are using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

What it is?

It simply means that transmission between our server and your computer are encrypted. Your password for example is not transmitted in clear.

What does that change for me?

Nothing. You still use the site as usual the only difference for you being that the address of the site begins by "https" instead of "http" (if you type http our server will change it to https anyway). Your browser should also display a little icon indicating that the site is secure. On firefox for example the icon is a green padlock on the left side of the address bar and if you mouse over it it should say "Verified by: let's Encrypt". Other browsers may display this information in different ways.


That's a good question, especially because after all we don't use very important information that could compromise your bank account or whatever. But the thing is that SSL is quickly becoming a standard for any site whatever the use or content due to the intervention of several key actors of the internet. Google for example will start this year to downgrade the ranking of all sites not using SSL. Some others like the developers of the WordPress software will introduce features in the coming versions of their software that could only be used if the site is using SSL.

So in other words I'm doing this more to be kind of compliant with today web rather than because we absolutely need the security (although more security never hurts).

I'm using Firefox and I have a padlock but it is greyed and there is a little yellow triangle and it says that the site is not secure.

That may happen if for example you are using for your profile and/or signature and/or post an image that is stored on a server other than ours that doesn't use SSL. That doesn't mean that our site is not secure that just means that there is an element displayed on the page that doesn't come from a secure source. Transmissions are still encrypted except for those elements coming from non secure sources.

Is this only for the forums?

The main site is also using SSL as of today but unlike the forums you have to add the "s" to http yourself if you want to use the secure connection for now like that:

Is this change related to Trump?

Who knows?

If you have other questions feel free to ask.

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