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OK I need to add that...
« on: October 26, 2017, 02:26:50 PM »
Because frankly... some people make you right even when you'd wish to be wrong. In the 10 years review of the Witcher series I put online yesterday, when I was talking about the way CD Projekt treat their customers and that other publishers should be inspired by them I directly attacked Electronic Arts for their (mal)practices regarding how they treat their customers and the creative studios they constantly buy just for the purpose of destroying them later and I specifically mentioned Bioware... But...

Unnoticed to me because I was busy writing and visiting doctors and taking care of my aging mother, the pricks did it again... And forgive me for being blunt and rude but at that point after so many years of Electronics Arts bullshit and abuse, I don't know how to talk about them anymore. What technically correct words should I use to describe this bunch of... (bleep)?

So this October, EA closed Visceral Games. You know, the ones behind the little thing called the Dead Space franchise? Even more they shut the curtains during the development of a new Star Wars game which is quite bizarre (especially because the said game is not cancelled, it is "pivoting in a new direction" according to EA crappy PR bullshit).

Someone at Forbes recently said of EA "They're a place where development studios go to die". I couldn't say better... Well technically in this case, Visceral Games started its life at EA as EA Redwood, so for once, it's not a third party acquired by EA but the result is pretty much the same.

[Sarcastic mode on]
They had creative people there who were good at developing certain kind of games Like Dead Space. Then EA decided because Visceral was so good with horror games "why not make them work on The Sims 3: Ambitions because you know... you immediately see how intelligent such a decision is... really... wow. It's like making Oppenheimer working on a new electric razor... I Totally see the point. The power of decision at EA it's just wow... It boggles the mind.

It's in such cases that you really understand that the brass at EA live by and for video games, that their life is entirely devoted to making better games with their customers satisfaction being their sole focus.

No, really, I should be PR for EA... how much does that pay guys? More than developers I bet.

And Visceral Games is just the last on a pretty long list anyway. We should call that the EA Curse. You own a game studio and want to put it six feet under making a few buck in the process? Sell to EA. Results guaranteed.

They really did miss their calling. They should be in the funeral business.

BTW, we're still waiting for EA announcement for Bioware but hey... let's give it a year or two... Too many great news at the same time could kill you. But nothing EA can't solve, right?
[Sarcastic mode off]

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