Author Topic: Random Babbling: 2018  (Read 3371 times)

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Re: Random Babbling: 2018
« Reply #15 on: August 22, 2018, 09:34:23 PM »
Oh, I would be more than happy to pack positive news, believe me. It's the news that don't cooperate currently  :mad1:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. -- A. Einstein

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Re: Random Babbling: 2018
« Reply #16 on: August 28, 2018, 10:58:10 PM »
Well. An entire week without internet access. Not that bad, actually; I wondered what I did before I found the online life, and my conclusion was that I just read a lot. Huh. And what led to this crisis?


In the quest to get my parents' home in a saleable (sellable?) state, my uncles are having metal siding put on the ol' shack. In the process, the siding guys jiggled the various cables and other wires wrapped around the place...not good, since most of them were installed over 20 years ago. But it's all good again. Mostly.

I've had my computer plugged directly into the cable/wi-fi modem since we got it, but now that I've moved all my stuff downstairs I had to buy a USB wireless adapter, because -- of course -- the cable jack in this room isn't connected. (I'll get that fixed eventually.) The adapter turned out to be a poor substitute for the speeds I was used to seeing, so I bought a 100 foot ethernet cable. Probably 50 feet too much, but I don't care. I hooked it up and blessed, constant speeds once again! And the next day the siding guys messed with the cables. Curses.


And my knee incident makes me realize that I'm definitely not 20 years old any longer. I had a similar incident when I was 22 and I got over it pretty fast. This time it doesn't seem to want to go away that easy.

Sorry about that...but remember that misery builds character! :ss-shootme

Someone (probably Marc Maron) said that now that they're older, they don't heal anymore...they just accumulate wounds.

Hey...why not more misery? Here you go: my cousin went off on a six day stay in Cancun for her wedding anniversary. And because I'm not a *completely* miserable bastard just yet, I didn't tell her exactly what I thought about that. Her great news was that she's going to Cancun for six days. My great news was, and I quote my eye doctor, "no one goes blind from glaucoma these days."

Thanks, doc. ::)
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