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And if we talked about Youtube (channels)
« on: May 31, 2018, 12:10:06 PM »
Lately, I've been busying myself a part of my free time with exploring Youtube channels, not only the gaming ones but others that touch my other areas of interest. The first thing I realized is that Youtube is the same thing as the rest of the web. It's far more easier to find irrelevant and stupid channels than interesting and accurate ones. And the more interesting ones are often buried under the chatter.

So I wanted to point out one of them today, that got my interest just in case you don't know it.

It is called The Great War. So yeah, another channel for history buffs you could say, about WWI precisely but this channel (that I only discovered recently despite it running since 2014) has a very interesting format. See, most of the documentaries you can see about the war are generally a synthesis of the whole event other a couple hours or at most a series of a dozen hours. Those documentaries by nature browse the most important aspects, features and facts of the war, they don't have time to stop and contemplate each tiny little event taking place.

Thanks to its format The Great War channel changes this. Each video run an average of ten minutes presenting one week of the war. The channel started a bit before  (a century later) before the first week of the war so in July 2014 and will possibly end (at least the recounting of the military operations) in  November 2018 as hostilities ceased November 11th 1918 even though the war officially ended much later with the signature of the final treaty of Lausanne which finalized the peace process in 1923 although most consider the treaty of Versaille in 1919 as the real deal (and it kind was, the rest was only a succession of formalities).

Beside the "normal" weekly episodes presenting the war in 100 years-delayed "real time" there are a lot of bonus and special episodes regarding, facts, technologies, people, tactics, way of life (out and in the trenches) etc... The whole thing is really interesting and well documented (there's obviously a lot of research involved).

Of course my own interest is that being French three members of my family fought during The Great War (I think that most if not all French families today with a little research could find they had someone fighting in WWI -- after all the French population back then was only 40 millions and France had rotated more than 8 millions men to the front by the end of the war). Of my own family members, one was KIA, one was wounded (gas) and one was crippled becoming what we call in France a "gueule cassée", a "broken face" meaning that he had the misfortune like many others to get out of a trench at the same time a bullet came his way. He wasn't killed but the bullet took out his inferior jaw and the facial reconstruction being what it was back then (non-existent) he spent the rest of his life eating from a tube. Out of the three I personally think that as sad as it may seems the KIA got the best deal at least that spared him years of suffering.

But anyway... The Great War is a pretty neat channel and I like the fact that they never loose sight of the most important fact of WWI, that it was a needless slaughterhouse costing millions of military and civilian lives most of the time due to stupid or abhorrent command decisions with the only real end result to pave the way for WWII. Because that was what it did... we (the allies) presented the Germans with such peace conditions that it simply warranted WWII. We facilitated the ascent of a guy like Hitler to a position of power. That's an error we fortunately understood and didn't make a second time after WWII. The most appalling? they already knew that back then. I don't remember the name of the guy, a French military official I think, that after contemplating the treaty said "We have the next war, right there".

Maybe I'll present another channel another time but if you have something interesting guys (whatever the topic as long as it's interesting, accurate, original and/or funny) don't hesitate to share. That will spare me hours of delving through idiotic channels to find a pearl.
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