Author Topic: Planet Ancyra Chronicles – July 2017 [Score: 6.1]  (Read 121 times)

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Planet Ancyra Chronicles – July 2017 [Score: 6.1]
« on: June 18, 2018, 10:07:36 PM »
You’ve got to hand it to the developer of Planet Ancyra Chronicles (PAC) – they certainly know how to reuse their game assets! PAC leverages the game design of Solarix [just reviewed here], but instead of making an action-sneaker, they have opted to create an adventure-walking simulator.

The first part of PAC has you retread ALL of Solarix, but without any foes. So I ran through each map, redid all the same objectives, and finished up in about 45 minutes what originally took 6 hours. The last half of Solarix is a retread of another game the publisher put out called De-Void (which I haven’t played). In this section, you go BACKWARDS, in the sunlight, through everything you just did in Solarix!!! So the game designer used the same general layout, made it sunny instead of dark, and took out the enemies. Brilliant!

But it’s still buggy and overlong in several sections. The worst offender is toward the end of the second half, when you are stuck at the edge of a desert. You’re supposed to mosey all around and find a bunch of recorded messages, but it literally would take an hour, running at top speed to visit each site. That’s when I found the cheat codes “ghost” to go ethereal and “walk” to land back on ground again, and I cut that traveling down to about 25 minutes. The developer has argued that you can simply return back to the forest and skip the whole desert, but when I attempted to do so without visiting the recorded messages, I never got the text to allow me to move to the next objective.

Personally, I feel like PAC is a very lazy retread of two previous games, and just reversing the direction and adding sun doesn’t make the game innovative either. It’s not a bad game on its own, but after having played the original Solarix, I felt the developer was just doing a money-grab by reusing their assets. 6.1 out of 10