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Hacked servers...
« on: June 20, 2018, 04:31:59 PM »
Apparently the account was the target of an attack with the result of one or several (my host wasn't really clear on that) email accounts compromised for the purpose to send spam all over the place. Both my host and myself took step to avoid a repetition of this problem -- which is only internal, users of the site don't need to be alarmed. The problem here you'll realize is that people that will receive those spam e-mails will have the impression that it is coming from a legit source (our own server) because in fact, they were send from there.

So let me repeat here things that I have already said in the past but I feel worth mentioning again.

Neither nor any of the sites hosted here would send you unsolicited email especially of the commercial type or offering virility or sexual advice or any other such crap you can think of. We wouldn't ask you any personal information via email and -- most important -- we wouldn't send you any attachment without informing you first.

So if ever your receive an unsolicited email coming from an address ending in, by all means, feel free to throw it into the trash directly because it won't be legit no matter its original source.

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