Author Topic: Happy New Year's Eve  (Read 1103 times)

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Happy New Year's Eve
« on: December 31, 2018, 02:57:15 PM »
Well, 2018 was not a good year for a lot of folks especially in my circle of acquaintances and friends (thinking about you mate) so I can only hope that the disastrous chain is over and that 2019 will finally bring good stuff.

I wouldn't bet on the state of the video gaming industry though. We all know that there have been some really rough patches with Electronic Arts going all political in our games rewriting History to fit their new political agenda then going out in the open to tell gamers "If you don't like it, don't buy it" which a large part of gamers did. We could talk about Loot Boxes lawsuits, micro-transactions, Pay To Win... but we would still be there next year (which is only in few hours after all). Not to mention Bethesda which has been on a roll since the release of Fallout 76. They end the year on the hilarious banning of multiple F76 users for no reasons under circumstances that are not totally legally clear... Because if I understood the story clearly, if you have Cheat Engine installed on your computer, whether it is running or not, Bethesda bans you from F76, but to know what programs you have installed they must SPY on your system which is certainly something I haven't seen in the EULA of their games. there's no "by using our product you allow us to browse your computer to monitor the programs that are installed". But the weirdness does not stop there. Apparently you can remove the ban if you write Bethesda a motivated letter of apology stating what you did wrong and why you shouldn't have done it...

So between EA "Don't buy our game" and Bethesda "You've been a bunch of naughty girls and boys" attitude, it's like a storm of madness swept over AAA companies during the past months. I don't know about Bethesda because it's a private company so no figures are available but EA lost 50% of its stock value just in the past 3 months. Same for Activision. So clearly investors (despite a lot of them not even being gamers) see that there is something very wrong going on with those companies and decided to stop the train by pulling out their money. For us it's rather a good news because having investors backing out is certainly the only thing that can make those companies take a real stock of their situation and revise both their plans and their attitude toward their customers that ranges from EA's "Don't buy and see if we care" to Bethesda's "Apologize before it is too late... Worms!".

But I'm going to stop there because after all this is New Year's Eve... I know though who should be the first to take good resolutions for 2019 the first being "Stop screwing gamers".

Don't drink too much, keep safe and try to enjoy the evening.

As for me, raising a glass of wine in my hand I say: "See you next year on the other side of midnight!"

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