Author Topic: Goodbye Deponia – October 2013 [Score: 6.3]  (Read 36 times)

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Goodbye Deponia – October 2013 [Score: 6.3]
« on: February 04, 2019, 10:07:26 AM »
Unfortunately, the final game in the Deponia series – Goodbye Deponia – is ultimately a let-down, despite going for broke in all ways.

While it did answer some lingering questions, especially why Rufus is the way he is, the difficulty factor increased way above normal. I was so confused, I spent probably 80% of the game following a YouTube walk-through. And even though you could skip certain challenging sections, such as making cameras follow you, the only way you’d be able to solve those sections is through random chance. And I don’t like my adventure puzzles to be random.

The story follows on from Chaos on Deponia, and features an excellent art style, and great sound and voicework. It also decides to go over the top (which is saying a lot for this series), by splitting Rufus into three clones and giving each of those their own story. Unfortunately, that’s part of why the game doesn’t really work. Basically, you follow one Rufus all the way until you get stuck, and then switch to the next Rufus until you either get stuck, or are able to transfer items from one to the other. (This is an interesting device and reminds me a lot of LucasArts’ Day of the Tentacle, when you passed objects from the past into the future, etc.) But there are so many challenges to do this – you literally would have to transfer everything to realistically know what the next step was, or how to apply that object to the newest circumstance.

And then the logic leaps were pretty heavy. You have to gather 3 objects and somehow realize that you then need to use those objects on one of your team to get the appropriate answer to a puzzle you didn’t even realize existed.

The game also came across as extremely mean-spirited, sexist, racist and misogynistic – more so than almost any other adventure game I’ve played in the past decade. Rufus insults several women – one of whom appears to be transgender – that they aren’t “strong enough” to fight in a war. He sells a black woman into servitude to play a “monkey” in sexually revealing attire. He shows a drawing of a child-molester’s penis to small children. He consistently pushes everyone to such a breaking point – and then revels in the act – that they literally have a mental breakdown. And then we’re expected to believe that Goal, the object of his nefarious affections, has somehow fallen in love with him despite these horrible traits?

I realize that the character of Rufus is intended to be a Molotov tossed into every situation – “Situation not bad enough? Let Rufus take over and see how much worse it will get!” – and comedy can certainly be mined from those situations. But maybe leave out things that are just really over-the-top low-class.

I was glad to see what made Rufus, and to eventually see his changing stance by the end of the game, but that ending felt rushed and unearned. Featuring some truly horrific puzzle designs and some extremely hateful conversations, the third game in the Deponia series is unfortunately its worst. 6.3 out of 10