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Ranting time!!!
« on: February 28, 2019, 10:07:04 AM »
I wanted to do some ranting for a while regarding the current trend of the gaming industry or rather something along the lines of "Publishers... what the hell is worng with you guys?" And then, Gopher just beat me to it...  :lol: Seriously I encourage you to go and watch it becauqe basically it contains everything I think myself about the top game companies current behavior.

A lot of people think that EA, Activision, Ubisoft... whatever are greedy people... No, they're not. If they were they would think things through intelligently they would not behave as a pack of complete morons like they're doing right now. If they were thinking intelligently, for each dollar they currently make they would probably make a couple more. And even further, gamers would be happy they wouldn't spend their time ranting about the current state of affairs. How is earning less than you could being greedy? No it's not greedy it's just moronic.

Electronic Arts is certainly the biggest offender because with them it's a historical trend that one can follow back into the 90s. Right now Bioware and their "superb" Anthem (that is doing not so well for those who have been following the past week up to the point that the game is now discounted in retail stores across Europe a week after its release) is the latest emblematic case...

The question is: what the did EA expect? You take a group of talented people responsible for some of the biggest achievements of all times in gaming with games like Mass Effect, Star War KOTOR, Jade Empire, Dragon Age Origin, all being excellent story and character driven narrative games and you tell them... "hey we have a brilliant idea... We will make you work on a project you have absolutely no clue about because it's not what you're good at but we're sure that will be a hit because it's trendy".

Seriously? Nobody actually saw where that could go wrong? Apparently nobody at EA did. What happens though is that you loose the studio fanbase because they were waiting for something totally different and you utterly fail to build a new fanbase because after all your new game is just a little drop in a bucket filled with dozens of other games doing just about the same thing.

All the gamers that have been following Bioware for a very long time knew exactly what the studio was about. Excellent story, characterization, narrative, lore and universe... and that was about it. We didn't expect a superb gameplay because that's not what they were good at but that was fine because it was not what we  expected from them. Reading the professional reviews right now about Anthem (and that was also true about Andromeda) basically point at two thing: fun gameplay and pretty graphics. Everything else that made great Bioware games seems to have vanished.

And that is sad.

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