Author Topic: Oxenfree – January 2016 [Score: 7.8]  (Read 50 times)

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Oxenfree – January 2016 [Score: 7.8]
« on: April 15, 2019, 09:25:12 AM »
Oxenfree is a hard game to peg down – sort of a fantastical coming-of-age sidescroller mystery, if you will. You, your new step-brother, and your best friend start the journey on a boat shuttling you to a nearby island, so that you can have a party with some other friends. It’s a right of passage, apparently, to stay overnight on the island. And your best friend Ren says there are some weird goings-on that you just have to check out.

Probably what catches your attention most is the art-style, which almost feels like a painting, but then the characters feel a bit “cartoonish” in style, and certainly in the thought bubbles that sprout from their head. But it’s an attractive enough look, at any rate.

The story follows 5 teenagers around, and feels mostly realistic of high schooler dialogue, but with some big thoughts and ideas tossed in. The introduction of the step-brother is a big issue with Ren, and you’re caught between having to “diss” him or stand up for him, even though you’ve really only just met. And the fact that he’s even in your life is due to the loss of your original brother, who dated one of the other girls on the trip. There are a lot of heady topics for anyone to tackle, let alone a high schooler.

And then things get weird.

Ren has asked you to bring a radio with manual knobs. Supposedly at certain locations on the island, you can tune in the radio to otherworldly messages. What you hear will surprise you and change the whole course of events for the night.

You do a lot of listening to your friends as you walk … slowly … from one end of the island to the other. Did you know there was a military base on the island? Or that they were supposedly doing weird experiments? Or that the rich old lady who lived in the mansion by the sea never left the island … like ever?

The game is relatively short and has some replayability so that you can perhaps uncover more of the mysteries of the island. I won’t go into spoilers, but one thing I’d recommend is that if you happen to see yourself in the past, write down the answers you give. You never know when you’ll need to remember what you said….  :lol:

Definitely worth a play. 7.8 out of 10