Author Topic: Adam’s Venture: Origins – April 2016 [Score: 5.9]  (Read 95 times)

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Adam’s Venture: Origins – April 2016 [Score: 5.9]
« on: May 13, 2019, 11:37:52 AM »
Adam’s Venture: Origins is really a “meh” kind of game, which is a shame as it attempts to ride the line between the Uncharted and Broken Sword styles. The game takes place in the 1920s and is split fairly evenly between action pieces and puzzles. However, the title character is an ass, and over 4 hours of gameplay, I found no common bond with him, or frankly with any of the other characters.

The settings are at least interesting, with Adam “venturing” into crypts and caves, exploring the mythical Garden of Eden and Solomon’s Tomb, and sneaking through Jerusalem and other biblical locales. Level design is sufficient, with some larger areas, and a couple of interesting mine-cart rides.

Puzzles run from challenging to impossible, such that I had to bounce out of the game to consult a walk-through about a third of the time. And the puzzles are prevalent throughout every aspect of the game. Want to turn on a light or a projector? You need to figure out which fuses go where, or how your spool of film will play. It’s honestly overkill, but without the puzzles, the game would only be a couple of hours, I’m sure.

Really, though, a couple of hours is all we need to spend with Adam and Evelyn – Get it? Adam and Eve exploring the Garden of Eden? Subtle enough for you? Adam is an insufferable prick for the most part, has horrible “jokes”, and demeans Evelyn nonstop for her intelligence. Thankfully, Evelyn calls him out for all of his asinine actions, but we’re not playing as her in the game. And even to the end of the game, he hasn’t learned any lessons.

Character movement is really wonky too. When you run and happen to turn a corner, Adam’s whole body leans in an angle toward that direction and then straightens up when you do. Mouths often don’t move during cut-scenes, characters stand in awkward poses – it’s all just weird.

I really can’t recommend this unless you get this for just a couple dollars like I did. I did like some of the settings, and the puzzles were often just the right amount of challenge, but the main character and the lack of an overriding story make this a miss for me. 5.9 out of 10