Author Topic: Random babbling 2019  (Read 741 times)

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Random babbling 2019
« on: May 30, 2019, 02:56:52 PM »
That I am starting this time (yes, we're near the middle of the year and yes, I don't care).

So I just spotted that all the Images hosted on Photobucket and displayed on our site bears a big "Proudly hosted on Photobucket" watermark. I guess that it's better that not having anything at all...

However as a site owner I'm trying to find some way to reconcile that and our usage policy that is that "no advertisement of any kind shall be displayed on our site without our express consent" (and possibly without an accurate compensation because after all this is advertisement and as far as I can see it's all free for Photobucket).

Not really pleased about the "sneaky" aspect of what they did there. I wouldn't mind if Photobucket was still a completely altruistic effort but as we all know, it's not anymore.

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Re: Random babbling 2019
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2019, 12:16:02 AM »
I've given up on Photobucket. They plaster their "proudly hosted on" crap all over my pics (apparently, since I have a free account I'm supposed to be thankful for their goddamn watermark), send me vaguely menacing emails about my account being over the limit or something (translation: I'm not paying them an exhorbitant monthly fee and they don't like it), and so on. So I don't bother anymore. If they decide to delete all my pics, so be it.

So if you decide to block PB links, that's perfectly fine by me.  :ok:
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