Author Topic: Happy whatever you wish...  (Read 569 times)

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Happy whatever you wish...
« on: December 24, 2019, 10:44:56 AM »
See, I'm trying to be politically correct :throwup: with the title of this post because I worry that even Christmas in a few years will be a taboo word and Santa Claus public enemy #1.

Well, in any case, as I'm about to start the end preparations for Christmas (that this year I'll spend alone with my mother because my brothers can't even be bothered to try) I wanted to wish a good family time for all the persons of good will on this planet (those whom are not of good will can go f... off). I know, this is Christmas and we should all be forgiving of others doings but... as  someone said (I fail to remember who but probably it was Stallone or Schwarzenegger) "I hope God will forgive you because me... I'm just here to kick the crap out of you".

Anyways... I digress. There's a time to get really pissed off about the events of this year and I guess this time is next week. This week is all about love and giving... SO let's... love and give, but mainly love (only if she's 18+ guys... what are you? Beasts?).

(I swear I'm sober... You wouldn't want to hear -- or read -- me in half a dozen hours from now  :lol: even though for some strange reason my brain always refuses to let me forget what happens in such cases...)

Oops I just caught a couple of Oklahoma Squirrels that were crawling under my desk... Hey little guys. What up with you? (for those who don't get the reference you haven't followed this community long enough). Ah well, Oklahoma Squirrels are less lethal than Christmas elves, hopefully...  :xrifle:

OK, so time to wrap up this idiocy... As usual, have fun (the most important), be good to yours, don't spit in anyone face if you don't like your presents, drive safe... and see you in a while on the other side of the tree (maybe I'll be wrapped up in velvet ribbons, who wouldn't want to see that?... Me for one). Although I wouldn't mind seeing other persons in velvet ribbons under my tree... preferably fema...

OK, I'm out. :coolcthulhu: calls me.


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Re: Happy whatever you wish...
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2019, 08:54:55 PM »
The squirrels are most dangerous in large numbers, which...honestly, that translates to "one or more." Remember: wear an Iron Man-caliber codpiece at all times.

Me? I say MERRY CHRISTMAS. And to those who object: if the idea of honoring someone who wanted only to spread the concept of peace and brotherly love offends you, then you're a complete idiot. All offense intended, you bloody terrorist(s).

So to you and yours, live it up. Enjoy your families, if you can.
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