Author Topic: Last Day of June – August 2017 [Score: 8.4]  (Read 308 times)

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Last Day of June – August 2017 [Score: 8.4]
« on: January 13, 2020, 12:58:16 PM »
What would you do to save the love of your life? Would you turn back time if you had the chance? Those are the ideas that Last Day of June explore in a short adventure game.

It’s hard to describe the game without getting into spoilers, so I’ll just provide some background. You and your wife live in a small village, with several interesting neighbors. Each character speaks gibberish and only has rudimentary eyes with no mouth, but you still understand how they are feeling – sad, elated, angry, etc. – by how their bodies move. It’s very effective at helping you pay attention to every detail, which is critical as the game continues.

Lush, color-saturated pastels provide glorious ambience as you wade in and out of the past, seeking some path to stop the heartless thing that destroyed your life. Just as you find some way to acceptably negate what happened, fate throws another wrench in your direction, time after time. The game mechanics can become a little frustrating as you have to replay videos over and over, but that repetition actually assists you in making your next choice because you understand how things happen.

Last Day of June is a lovely little game, filled with melancholy and heart. 8.4 out of 10