Author Topic: The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day – September 2016 [Score: 6.9]  (Read 314 times)

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The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day – Episode 1 is an uneven, frustrating first entry into a larger mystery that showcases only robots roaming the earth, having taken over human tasks and roles. Where have all the humans gone, and what happened to them? Unfortunately, you won’t get many answers upon completion of this episode.

Our protagonist RT is a strange humanoid robot who doesn’t get updates from the central mainframe, and lives out in the wilds on his own. It also dwells in the past, scouring up old human tech and replacing gear for other robots in a barter economy. For a robot, it is actually pretty low-tech. So when a flying shuttle crashes nearby, it’s a chance for RT to use some of the arcane knowledge he’s gained.

Movement in this fixed-camera adventure game is achingly slow and erratic, and hard sometimes to maneuver next to various objects. Worthless QTEs also make several appearances. Moving from one side of the screen to the other is an exercise in patience. And a weird flying section is a complete pain in the butt.

But perhaps the biggest complaint I have with the game is that you can only play it in the order that the developers intended. Oftentimes you might highlight several items on a screen, but the object that you really need can only highlight after you’ve exhausted several approaches. The worst offender is a scenario late in the game where you need to hook a ladder outside an apartment. Only after touching all highlighted objects once will the game finally highlight a gas pipe that you need. But to free the pipe, you need a heavy object to break it free. You scour all your highlighted objects multiple times before something new pops up as a highlight. In total, you will spend easily 20 minutes going back and forth between 7 screens at least 5 different times. Hey developers, if I need a tool in the future, let me pick it up the first time, okay?

The latter part of Last Quiet Day does introduce a unique twist, but getting to the meat of this episode is a painful experience. I know a 2nd episode is forthcoming, but I’m not sure if I’ll be interested enough to invest in this series.6.9 out of 10