Author Topic: Carcassonne – November 2017 [Score: 9.0]  (Read 41 times)

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Carcassonne – November 2017 [Score: 9.0]
« on: April 20, 2020, 02:22:14 PM »
The highly addictive game of Carcassonne is an equal mix of Tetris, Risk and Settlers of Catan. You can play online or solo (and add up to 5 additional bots with different play styles) and games run around 10-15 minutes max.

After an initial tile is placed, 72 tiles are then distributed randomly to players once per turn. Players must then place the tile, ideally benefiting themselves at the cost of harming their opponent. Once tiles are placed, players may then have the option to claim a road, city, field or church. All successive tiles placed that enlarge each of those objects adds to your final point count, with cities getting 2 points per tile, roads and fields getting 1 point per tile, and churches getting up to 9 points total for all touching tiles.

Gameplay has some strategy to develop long-term options, but it all depends on the luck of the draw, and how your opponents play off your tiles. For example, you might place a few tiles to develop a slightly larger city and only need one more tile to complete it, but then an opponent adds a tile that now requires you to add 2-3 more tiles to finish it. If you do somehow manage to do so, you’ll score huge points, but otherwise, you might just be wasting your time in the final count.

This is easily a game you can just open up and play for a short break, and now I’m seeing tiles in my dreams! 9.0 out of 10