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Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels [2019 -- 4A Games] {DLC}
« on: August 06, 2020, 07:39:53 PM »
Warning: this is a review of a DLC for the game Metro Exodus. This DLC takes place during the events at the very end of the vanilla game. As such, there will be spoilers regarding the vanilla game. Refrain from reading if you have not finished the main story.

The Two Colonels is the first story DLC that was issued for Metro Exodus. It takes place during the last level of the game in Novosibirsk after Miller and Artyom get separated, Artyom on is way to find the medicine for Anna and Miller the map to a safe location where they could start anew. As we already know in detail what happens to Artyom, the DLC focuses instead on what happen to Miller, or rather, what happened to Colonel Klebnikov whom occupied a position similar to Miller's in the Prospekt metro station of Novosibirsk. The story recounts the last days of the station that the player visits as Artyom in a ravaged state during the last mission of the vanilla game but this time the player can visit it in its original "lived in" state through the eyes of Klebnikov.

On a gameplay point of view a few significant changes were made. The gameplay portions are only with Klebnikov, Miller just being here for a few cutscenes across the DLC. Klebnikov mainly uses a flamethrower as its weapon of choice, the why being explained early in the DLC. Only for a short time during the DLC will you be allowed the use of standard weapons. But that's not th epart that infuriated me the most.

Portable light source (rechargeable flashlight) or night vision device are not there. Although it's no big deal in most of the DLC it becomes one during the last part. Let me explain something about me to better understand where the problem is. I'm not afraid of the dark, never has been, that might seems weird to some people but that's the way I am. So a game that is entirely dark with no way to shed a light even minimal on the situation does not scare me, it just annoys me. That was the case for example with DooM 3 (before someone cared enough to add a flashlight) and that is the case here especially because it's hard to understand the lack of a flashlight when the game have made you used to it right from the start.

And that's where the DLC failed for me. Don't get me wrong it's a nice story that fills quite nicely some holes of the vanilla game story in an appropriate tone. However it is badly served by a gameplay without even a basic flashlight and with quite a few quick-time events (failure of which result in quick death) that not only doesn't sit well with the rest of the game (both vanilla and the Sam's Story DLC) but also looks like a gimmick that the developers put there to see if that works. My answer: that doesn't.

From a pure story point of view this DLC does fine. From a gameplay point of view it doesn't.
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