Author Topic: Nier Automata... Seriously?  (Read 24 times)

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Nier Automata... Seriously?
« on: October 14, 2020, 04:57:57 PM »
I thought I had seen it all but that one takes the cake, easily. Nier Automata (for PC) is the most disastrous console port I have seen in a long time. First time I ran the game, I told myself "it's horribly pixellized, no?" Well, yeah, you bet it was, because the game didn't switch the display to 1920x1080 full screen despite the settings being correctly set, and despite the fact that the resolution was correctly set to 1920x1080 when the game was running in window mode. After having played with options for a good 30 minutes I gave up and decided to check the web.

Fact is, the problem is well known and documented and the solution to it is... to install a community mod dedicated to fixing the game port problems. Yep, that's true, you need to install a third party mod just to run the game as it is ORIGINALLY INTENDED. The mod does not only fix the resolution but other "minor" technical problems with the port, like the mouse cursor that constantly blink on the screen when you play with a gamepad.

This is unacceptable Square Enix! The game is only 3 years old and you didn't even care about fixing the damn bugs on your side. No instead you force users to find the answer on the web by themselves and install a community mod to fix problems. How lazy can you be? That's kind of a new low.

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