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About QuickViews
« on: July 18, 2013, 06:13:32 AM »
Actually, the idea of QuickViews come from our very dear bobdog and it's mini-reviews. that you can find here. The fact is, between playing a game, the writing, the editing, the double checking, the references compilation, the screenshots and a lot of other things, writing full reviews as was done on the main site is a time consuming process with several weeks just for one review (remember, The Foxhole is not our full time job, we do other things in life). The result was that a lot of games were ignored. Quickviews intend to rectify that so at least we can talk about all (or most) of the games we play.

In this section, the name of a reviewer is always the name of the starter of a thread. The title of a thread is always Game Title + [year of release -- Developer].

Because QuickViews are not fully fledged reviews, there's no numerical note granted. Hence, you should pay attention to the message icon of the post which will tell you how good or bad the game is. This is generally an indication of the overall fun one may expect playing the game. Broad icons meanings are as follow:

Excellent game with few to no fault, well worth its place in any gamer's collection.

Good game with shining moments, overall a lot of fun.

Average game, not especially good nor bad; potentially a balanced mix of good and bad. Maybe fun at times and equally boring at other times.

Subpar game in which the bad and unnerving parts clearly outshine the good ones up to the point that the expected fun of playing a game is lacking.

This is a game? Seriously?  No way!

Here's a special one. It will be rare and just signals a multiple review of a game series. The appreciation for each game is within the related post.

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