Author Topic: Steam is bringing changes to how the discount system works  (Read 105 times)

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Steam is bringing changes to how the discount system works
« on: February 21, 2022, 11:35:56 PM »
The move is done to apparently get rid of discount too small (less than 10%), too big (more than 90%), and to annoy the publishers that are using discount for scamming (increasing the price of a game a week before a discount, making users believe they are actually winning something when they're not, is a definitive no-no -- and believe me, a lot of this happens, much more than you'd think, and not only in video games; think about that next time you are buying a 50% discounted TV set). There's also now a mandatory period of 28 days between two discounts for a same product.

All in all, Valve seems to intend the new rules to prevent some dishonest publishers, no matter the size, to use the discount system to their sole benefit, gaining in some cases an unwarranted media exposure over the competition.

Will that work? It's an other matter. We'll have to watch what are the result on Steam compared to GOG, Origin or, even more interestingly, Epic Games.

Only problem with the new rules is that they exclude the big Steam sales from the 28 days period so I expect to see a surge of discounts in the couple of weeks preceding each big sales.

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