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Basic rules for this section of the forum
« on: January 11, 2008, 11:02:05 AM »
Any member of the forum may post review of any game they played in this section (commercial games, mods... even demos will do if you feel like it) but before going ahead just keep in mind that:

a) The subject line of your review must contain the full title of the game otherwise searching a particular review will rapidly become a mess. Furthermore if you're reviewing a demo the "DEMO" mention must be visible because demo reviews obviously don't have the same value than full games ones.

b) Don't even think about posting a single line "It's pure crap" for a game you didn't like. If you didn't like a game it's OK but justify your dislike in good words. Any review not respecting this rule will be immediately deleted.

c) We expect at least a minimal level of grammar and orthography. Nobody is perfect of course... just try  :lol:
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