Author Topic: 20 ways to tell you've played HL1 & 2 way too much (Something I did long ago)  (Read 827 times)

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1. You find it easier to eat crab with a crowbar (Submitted by Randy)
2. You ask a scientist if he's ever turned the Anti-Mass Spectrometer up to 115%
3. You actually know what an Anti-Mass Spectrometer is.
4. You stayed up all night trying to figure out how Uplink fits in with the full version of the game.
5. You've asked for a Gauss gun for Christmas.
6. You own both the PC and PS2 versions.
7. For Halloween you spray painted a hazmat suit orange, stenciled the Lambda symbol on your chest, and called yourself "Gordon Freeman in an HEV suit"
8. Screw the dog, you want a pet headcrab.
9. When you watch "Land of the Dead" you got pissed off by Dennis Hopper's character because he acted too much like Dr. Breen.
10. You want Dennis Hopper to play Dr. Breen in a Half-Life movie.
11. Whenever you wear a blue suit, you have the undeniable urge to speak slowly and with a stammer, and walk away whenever someone tries to approach you.
12. Whenever you see a soldier you scream "We've got hostiles!!!"
13. When you leave your house you suddenly freeze in your tracks for two minutes, and when someone asks you what you are doing you say "Loading..."
14. You can't wait for the Alyx Vance edition of Maxim.
15. When you watched the Pegasus episodes of the new Battlestar Galactica and saw Commander Cain, your first thought was "Holy crap, it's Mossman!"
16. Whenever someone asks you something while you're doing something you have prerecorded answers, such as "Leave me alone, I'm rather busy" or "Weren't you supposed to be in the test chamber half an hour ago?"
17. Instead of feeling sorry for Louis Gossett Jr. for only being able to get voiceover work as an alien, you're like "Omg, it's the black guy from Delta Force!!!"
18. If you've ever claimed your hometown was Ravenholm just so you could say "oohh, we don't go to Ravenholm."
19. You've gotten in a fight with someone over the origin of Race X.
20. When your mother can quote lines from either game.
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