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Thief 2 and Vista
« on: April 09, 2007, 10:14:03 AM »
So I got my free upgrade to Vista Premium last week and installed it on my laptop. For some reason, Acer upgrade services thought it was OK to send an American Vista to a French customer so I had to do a clean install rather than an upgrade because obviously the American version of Vista cannot upgrade a French version of XP -- not really a problem I don't keep any important stuff on my laptop and once everything is set to French (keyboard, time zone and the like) Vista behaves exactly as it should except that everything is in English. Oh well, I've known worse  :lol:

My laptop is unable to run any of the newest games and it doesn't feature a DX10 card anyway so I won't argue about how great new games are running on Vista, that's not the point. However, I decided to begin to test some older things and obviously Thief 2.

Installed without problem (well, Vista is a pain in the ass always asking you if you really want to do that or this each time you're launching an installer or you want to do a tiny modification to the system -- that's the way MS thinks safety should be, bothering the customer until he gives up).

First launch of Thief 2 (latest version)... CD check... Black screen... Oops: "Thief2.exe unexpectedly stopped running", Vista cared to inform me. "Do you want to check if a solution to this problem is available?" Yeah sure, why not? -- no solution; why am I not surprised?

Second time, not better... Splash screen for 2 minutes and nothing else, not even a new crash message. Had to log off to clear everything because even the task manager did not respond although the rest of the system was still working.

So I grabbed my trusty cracked thief2.exe -- I've been using it for years -- from my external drive, patched Thief 2 my own way and... Wow it worked. No movies but I got to the menu at least -- that was unexpected. Now for the real stuff, starting a new game and... Wow still working. That was even more unexpected since I have a NVidia card on my laptop with driver 97.55 (and anything above drivers 84 has been known to cause problems on XP). Well, to be frank there were odd texture glitches here and there in the first mission but nothing major.

But it is to be noted that I didn't engage any compatibility layer and other than the cracked exe I didn't modify anything to the vanilla Thief 2 install.

Conclusion: a) Vista obviously does not get along well with the old safedisc CD copy protection system and b) oddly enough, vista drivers for NVidia cards do not seem to exhibit the XP problem which pushes users to switch to "safe texture manager" in the ini file. As for the movies I didn't try the common solution, maybe it works or maybe not... More on that later, I guess...  :purplelaugh:

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