Author Topic: Latest Crysis Screens Direct From E3  (Read 1117 times)

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Latest Crysis Screens Direct From E3
« on: July 13, 2007, 01:12:12 AM »
The guys at Crytek still want you to know that their upcoming title Crysis is looking pretty good. And well, yeah, it is looking pretty good. It will probably look pretty good on your computer too, if you're willing to pay about $500 for a new CPU and graphic card (and possibly some RAM if you don't have the 2 GB it will require)...

But hey, I stop spoiling the pleasure of the eyes with my sarcastic comments. There are two series of screens coming right from the E3 event regarding Crysis... A snowy one and a not so snowy one. First the snowy one...

And the not so snowy one...

Crysis is still set for a release this Fall and the official site is still open, so nothing new on that front.

But enough about Crysis... So how are you doing?

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