Author Topic: THQ Is Steaming Up  (Read 1149 times)

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THQ Is Steaming Up
« on: July 18, 2007, 10:05:23 AM »
THQ just signed a deal with Valve to publish on Steam some of their titles. Right now the deal includes Company of Heroes, Titan Quest and its extension Immortal Throne and Full Spectrum Warrior and its extension Ten Hammers.

To this first batch should be added in the near future such titles as Supreme Commander, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow Of Chernobyl, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Gold Edition and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade.

Well the good thing is, we can now drop the CD/DVD for any of these titles. Believe it or not, I bought some games retail and just put them on my Steam account because that was one CD/DVD less to keep in my drive. Yeah that's true, for those who don't already know it, most games you buy retail can be included in your Steam account (if they have it on catalogue) provided that your game came with a CD Key or  serial number of some kind (that is the required proof of purchase).

As a lot of people I had my doubts when Steam first launched with all the problems experienced back then but now that the problems have been greatly reduced, it's fair to acknowledge that it has become a real asset for gamers. The pleasure of the game, minus the copy protection pain in the ass...  :-D

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